You’re Not Invisible

You’re Not Invisible

Remember: You’re beHOW TO WORK FOR AN IDIOT SURVIVE & THRIVE… WITHOUT KILLING YOUR Boss – Cap I: Confessions of a Recovering Idiot (By John Hoover) Part 10


You are being watched all the time. If you feel invisible or ignored, it’s likely what you’re doing isn’t sufficiently impressive or important to those around or above you. But they’re just pretending you don’t exist. Put your detective skills to work again and note what types of behavior they approve of and start behaving accordingly.

invisibleEven if you don’t plan to alter your personal style and work habits over the long term, the experiment will prove what you do and say are noticed more than you thought.

Please people and you’ll get recognition. As in the behavior modification episode with the psychology professor, you need to distinguish between what your I-Boss perceives as positive and negative behavior. In sufficient quantity, both positive and negative behaviors will make those who feel invisible visible. If you don’t elicit much attention from your I-Boss, you know whatever it is you’re doing falls into his dead zone.

Idiots lack imagination. That deficiency, coupled with the tunnel vision Idiot Bosses are famous for, means the ship will be submerged before they realize it hit an iceberg. If you want attention, you not only need to say or do things that warrant attention in the idiot’s eyes, you need to exaggerate them so much he can’t possibly fail to notice.

If you’re trying to impress your I-Boss by watering the plants around the office, drag in the fire hose from next to the elevator. If you want him to notice you’re vacuuming the carpet, remove the muffler from the vacuum cleaner so the noise will deafen people two floors away, and then run a couple of circles around his desk.


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