Happy Cousins Day

Happy Cousin’s Day

Date When Celebrated : July 24

 Cousin’s Day honors your Aunt and Uncle’s kids. They are those great kids who are likely close to your age, and endure the countless family get togethers with you. If it wasn’t for cousins, these family events would be much, much longer.

Happy Cousins Day
Happy Cousins Day

This is a great day for your cousins. Now, hold on a minute. If you have cousins, that means your cousins have cousins. And, that’s you! Therefore, today is your day,too.

Celebrating should be nothing but fun. Get together with your cousins. Hang out, just chill, or do anything you want to do…… as long as its a fun time spent with your cousins.

Today’s Greeting: “What’s buzzin cuzzin?”

The Origin of Cousin’s Day:

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day.



When you are in your thirties and still single

when being single is causing stress and anxiety
Desiree, 34, a freelance interior decorator and a Martha Stewart fanatic, goes on a trip every holiday season to visit her parents in Bedford, Indiana. She usually arrives a week before Christmas Eve. Holidays were supposed to be happy events, but not for Desiree. She dreaded the holiday season which means she has to face the questions again from her own parents and relatives. Family reunions makes her feel so uncomfortable because everyone from her teenage niece to an assortment of cousins are already “taken.” That time of the year, she always found herself on the spot for being the only single person in family.

It doesn’t help to see your own father in the corner looking at you, as if he was asking: “What is wrong with you?” Your mother also pretends not to hear the most frequently asked question in the house whenever you have guests: “Is your daughter married?”

Single and unattached…biological clock ticking. This is the dilemma faced by Desiree and the exact source of all her stress and anxiety.

Happy Cousins Day
Happy Cousins Day

After the holidays, she always ends up with the conclusion that there is no room for a single white female in a family that expects all women to be married; and no room in her circle of friends who all have their own boyfriends and flings. People around her, she concluded, looked at her as someone who kissed dating goodbye.

Yes, there are many Desirees out there waiting for their “someone” to come along. But are they waiting in vain?

Career women, once they realize they are not getting any younger, immediately panic and think that they have already been left behind in the game of love. Once they realize that they too yearn for the comforts of a loving relationship, career women begin to take more time for social interaction… hoping to meet someone who could free them from the Single Life. Women, mostly in their thirties, have already realized that “singlehood” has already lost its novelty.

But its not just the single women who feel this way. Even single parents like Terry, a thirty-something attractive chef and mother of twins also miss the security and warmth of being in a relationship. Life is tough for her especially since her twin boys miss their father so much.

But there is always hope for the single and separated.
There is no need to sulk because you are in a “single” situation. At this time in your life, it is good to consider the following recommendations:

l Love yourself – Take care of your well being. Pamper yourself. It needs not to be expensive—a trip to your favorite coffee shop or restaurant will do the trick. keep yourself busy like doing volunteer work that way you won’t be staying home always and feeling sorry for yourself. Another depression stopper is listening to music. Listen to soothing music like jazz and bossa nova accompanied by a bottle of red wine.

l Shopping Therapy- Women finds it therapeutic when shopping. It sounds superficial but even in a low budget. You can get “high” canvassing for fashionable clothes and accessories. Don’t forget that beautiful pair of red shoes.

l Stop, Look, Listen – Don’t think you have to join the “race” to find the perfect man. Chances are you’re Prince Charming might be found in an unlikely places and probably and caught in between your unguarded moment when you don’t look at your best. Don’t try so hard to be with anyone, you’ll just end up being disappointed.

l Be with other single women- Just think how “Sex in the City” becomes a hit t.v series. There is something “magical” when you are surrounded by your well meaning single friends. You can get together and have some fun like watching movies or invited them over to your house and eat a home cooked meal and laugh your way out from being all alone.

l Don’t get in touch with your ex- resist the urge even if you get pressured from family and friends from time to time. Getting back at your ex because you can’t stand being alone especially during holidays is one pathetic move.

l Acceptance – Being bitter and resentful only adds to your stress and anxiety. Being angry about being along, finding the wrong man or being separated won’t helped but only add fuel to the fire. Enjoy what you have, no matter how little you have. Accept that being single might have some advantages and purpose. We just get caught up with what other people say.

Get a grip…being single shouldn’t be “the end of the world.”



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Happy Hug a Newsman Day

Happy Hug a Newsman Day

Date When Celebrated : Always April 4 th

Hug a Newsman Day gives you the opportunity to give a great, big hug to your local newsperson. C’mon, admit it. You’ve watched your cute newsman day in and day out. You’ve always told your self if you ever see him, you would give him a great, big hug. Well, today is your opportunity.

Happy Hug a Newsman Day
Happy Hug a Newsman Day

Any questions on how to celebrate this day?

Important Note: Today is also a day to hug a news “woman”. They wouldn’t want to be left out of this very special day.

Origin of “Hug a Newsman Day”:
Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. Seems obvious that this day was created either by a newsman, or by someone who wanted to hug a newsman.

Flower of the Day: Rhododendrons
Recipe of the Day: Honey Mustard Sauce







Couples In Stressful Relationship

“A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love.” – Pearl S. Buck

Happy Hug a Newsman Day
Happy Hug a Newsman Day

When two people get married, it means they are making a big commitment. It means they should stay with each other through sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, till death do them part. Getting into a marriage relationship is the sign of the fullness of their deep romantic love for each other. Yet, their love for each other is tested in the course of time. First, there would be the adjustment period. All couples go through that. There is a saying that you only get to know the person if both of you are living under one roof.

The routine of everyday life brings unrealistic expectations. Marital disenchantment comes in and it is expressed shortly just after the honeymoon fever wears off. This is the time when inperfections can be seen. Shortcomings can be blown out of proportions. Some eccentric behavior which you found “cute” before now becomes annoying. Aside from your own problems as a couple, you have to deal with in-law relationships, money matters, and certain conflicts which have become the cause of your stress and anxiety.

When negative emotions and actions take over, it becomes the perfect recipe for marriage disharmony. Unless you become aware of your own hurtful attitudes or actions, chances are, you won’t do something about it. Marriage is accepting who that person really is. We only need to practice self-control and learn not to have so many expectations.

The following tips will show you how to bring back that “zest” in your married life:

1. UNDERSTANDING – We all need reassurance. Reinforce this by showing affection, a simple praise, hug or kiss will do. We should learn to communicate our feelings to our mate. Don’t be defensive. When you have a minor spat…say “I’m sorry.” and really mean it. The sooner you do this, the sooner your mate will stop resenting you.

2. LEARN TO ACCEPT- All marriages go through certain obstacles. The one that you married turns out not to be the “angel” that you envisioned or the “knight of shining armor.” Real love takes a lot of patience. So go beyond your illusions on what or how your mate should be. Rather, focus on yourself and start to make the necessary changes needed to improve who you are as a spouse.

3. MEET HALFWAY- In every situation, especially when you reach the point that you are angry, hurt, and frustrated — you have to learn how to meet halfway. In other words, you must know how to compromise or negotiate. No two human beings are exactly alike. So settle your differences and learn to forgive each other right away. Don’t let the sun go down on you without you and your mate finding the solution.

4. REKINDLE – How do you refresh and fix a troublesome marriage? Bring back the love and intimacy. Work on it. Work on your marriage. Like life….marriage is not a bed of roses. You have to work it out with your partner by investing time, love, money, and interest in each other. Bring back the closeness by being honest, non-argumentative, and non-judgmental. Being happy together brings good mental health as well as the physical.

Yes, you and your partner should be on top of everything, be in charge of keeping the romance alive and let your marriage blossom the way it was meant to be.



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