Male Watchers Day Holiday

Male Watchers Day

Ladies, here is a day that you can thoroughly enjoy! On Male Watcher’s Day, you get the opportunity to go out and watch the guys. After all, they have their fun watching the ladies. Now, it’s your turn, to hoot and holler.

Male Watchers Day Holiday Date When Celebrated : Always January 8 th

Male Watchers Day Holiday
Male Watchers Day Holiday

You can perform your Male Watching just about anywhere that suits your fancy. Popular places include:

Watching them at work on the job, especially labor jobs where short shirts cover flowing muscles.
On the beach…too bad this day is in January.
Watching your favorite guy working….on a home project you wanted done.
At a singles bar or sports bar.
At the mall…it’s time to get even. This is where more than one guy has been known to visit for the sole purpose of watching the ladies. This just could become your favorite guy watching location.
It is okay to perform Male Watching discreetly, or quite visibly. Single, unattached ladies may prefer to be seen male watching…….for obvious reasons.

Sorry guys…we did not find a special “Girl Watcher’s Day” for you. But, then isn’t every day Girl Watcher’s Day?

Origin of Male Watcher’s Day:
Our research did not discover the origin or the creator of Male Watcher’s Day.

Why Men Leave (The Fantasy Relationship)

by Brenda Shoshanna

Some men never say good-bye to one woman without having a few more in the wings. This article explores one of the reasons men leave relationship, because they’re involved with fantasy loves. Some believe they don’t have what it takes to keep a woman happy, and instead build short term fantasy loves that give them the illusion that they are wanted and everything is all right. When the fantasy ends, they’re out of there.Find out more.

“What’s life without a girl friend?” asks Jimmy, a tall, forty-five year old Sicilian man, an irresistible charmer. “I never say good-bye to one without a few more waiting in the wings,” he says. “It keeps me going. Is that so bad?” Then he flashes his boyish grin.

Although he never stays long, Jimmy has strong opinions on male female relationships. “There’s a conflict of roles, with no roles clearly defined. “Women want monogamous relationships. Men don’t want to get trapped. Men get guilty about leaving though. Believe it or not, it’s hard to leave. We men do get guilty. Whatever we do we end up feeling like rats.”

Underneath all this are his feelings of dependency. Jimmy believes a man is nothing compared to a woman.”A man really wants a woman to run the show,” he says easily. “A guy doesn’t know what’s going on. But he also wants the woman to let him think he’s running it. If women could only understand that -boy. It’s a subtle thing.

Commenting on this issue, Dr. Robert Berk, says, “There are a lot of men who can’t tolerate their own dependency on women because they experience it as emasculating. They therefore withdraw. Some downgrade the woman to make her appear a lot less valuable than she really is to them.” Jimmy compensates by having as many women around as he can. This way he won’t be the one to be left – an unbearable ego blow.

“A man likes a strong woman,” Jimmy continued, “but she should be strong in subtle ways. In order to have a really terrific woman that he wouldn’t want to leave, a man has to be confident that his love was strong enough for her so she wouldn’t go somewhere else. Good women are too much for most men.”

When Jimmy finally found the woman of his dreams, he saw her twice, and after that, wouldn’t ever see her again. “The magic was really something. I held her close, we laughed a lot, she was terrific. Neither of us could part. It was perfect. At the end of the night we didn’t take each other’s numbers. We just had our night and said good-bye. We both said to each other we hoped we never saw each other again. You see, we created this incredible illusion for two nights, but could we do it again?

After what happened that night, well, it can’t get better than that? I’m gonna live off that memory the rest of my life.” For Jimmy, and many men like him, being truly happy, and affirmed in love can only happen in the world of illusion.

He was determined to hold onto this woman and the two nights they spent together exactly as they had been. He needed it badly. At all costs he didn’t want the fantasy to be destroyed, or to see aspects of himself or her that didn’t fit in.

When a man is seeking illusion, fantasy, and escape from painful conflict or feelings of low self-esteem, a brief, magical experience, in which no one is tested, becomes a substitute for real love. A fantasy love cannot be threatened or damaged. It also cannot be taken away. Of course, the contradiction inherent in this situation is that holding onto this fantasy keeps the possibility of ongoing, sustaining love away.



Happy Presidential Joke Holiday

Happy Presidential Joke Holiday

Presidential Joke Day – presidents have a sense of humor, too. Many people believe this is a day to make jokes about the president. On the contrary, this day is for presidents to make a joke. On this day in 1984, President Ronald Reagan made a doozie.

Date When Celebrated : August 11 th

Happy Presidential Joke Holiday
Happy Presidential Joke Holiday

On August 11, 1984, just before his regular Saturday radio address, President Ronald Reagan was doing a voice test with the microphone. He thought the microphone and the feed was not live. He joked into the microphone: “My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.” To his surprise, he was speaking to a live feed!

This incident led to the creation of “Presidential Joke Day”. However, we do not think American presidents will make it a habit to perform jokes on, or to, the American public on this day, or any other.


The Origin of Presidential Joke Day:
Presidential Joke day began on August 11, 1984.

Emotions- Why Do We Have Them?

We as human beings have a body and a mind. With the body, we move around and do work.

We as human beings have a body and a mind. With the body, we move around and do work. With the mind, we think, and experience emotions. Imagine of a human being with no emotions whatsoever. Only a thinking machine who reacts to nothing emotional but makes scientific analysis. Imagine telling a joke to him/her. They will not laugh at it, but either ignore it or analyze the joke. They make life difficult for those around them.
After all what is a person without any emotions?

Why do we have emotions at all? Your computer on which you are sitting right now is a perfect machine to analyze, think and give results. It has no emotions. It is only an intelligent machine. Why are human beings not like that? Would life be better if we had no emotions? We would lose all the charm of living if there was no trace of any emotion in any of us. Let us take some situations. A death – people gather, complete the ceremonies and depart. No wet eyes, no remembering the dead soul, no sense of loss. The law of nature is simple. One who is born has to die. So only intelligent understanding of that but no feeling of loss. Can you visualize the scene?

Love, what is love, if not an emotion? So there will be no love. People will meet, produce children and get away from each other. No love, no romance. What about family? They may have a family for the children to grow up. Then the family will get separated. Coming to achievements, discoveries and inventions. Why will a person without any emotions, feel good by achievements or get excited with discoveries? So nothing great. Only minimum existence needs to be met. It is the time for us now in this discussion to imagine of everything we do in life. Practically all our actions are governed by emotions. Imagine a person winning an Olympics gold medal and walking away without any expression! Think of more situations and you will realize the role of emotions in life.

We have emotions, because we are not low-level animals. Because even dogs and cats have emotions. We have emotions because they make us enjoy life. They make us perform great things and they make us human.



Positive Self-esteem

Positive Self-esteem

Positive Self-esteem
Positive Self-esteem

Self-esteem issues seems to be one of the strongest emotions that challenge many women today. It has become a woman’s first worry when she awakens, and her last worry before she sleeps.
Self-esteem issues seems to be one of the strongest emotions that challenge many women today. It has become a woman’s first worry when she awakens, and her last worry before she sleeps.

It is said that we are all born with a natural self-esteem, but through the worlds concerns about power and control, we have been trained to worry about what others think of us and how we can please them. We have forgotten how to love ourselves and treat ourselves with respect. We are taught that loving ourselves is selfish and will only make us appear conceited, which will turn people off. If we are not allowed to learn how to love ourselves, then how can we learn to allow others to love us? We cannot feel love and positive esteem for ourselves if we focus all of it on others first. If we do, we then run the risk of offering all of our inner feelings to someone and not getting anything in return. At this point we begin to feel resentment, cheated and even lower in our ability to ever love again.

People that have scars from resentment and abuse are the hardest people to love. They have the highest low self-esteem walls to climb. In short, they are unreachable. This is not a good thing at all.

When a person says in all honesty that they are suffering from a low self-esteem issue, I take that very seriously. This is a true cry for help. They are at the bottom of their pit and are asking for help to get out. They are at a point where they will expect you to love them and take care of them as they would themselves. In other words, we all know the worst thing a person can do is expect their partner to be a mind reader. Well, when a person is suffering from a low self-esteem, trust me, they do expect just that. They will expect for you to just know what they need. They only have faith in you. They have lost faith in themselves long ago and they have no recourse. This places a very huge burden on your shoulders as their partner. This is not a good thing!

No one will ever be able to feel what another person feels inside. No one will ever be able to love another as they can love themselves. No one can read our minds. No one can do for us, what needs to be done to make us feel inner peace. It is our responsibility to ourselves to love us first. You really must know who you are to start. To be able to fulfill your needs and desires and goals in life, you need to identify with your wants. You cannot do any of this if you do not focus on you. You need to be all about you for a time. No one can do this for you, so just do it!

This is called finding your space. Your space is a very, very important place to just find yourself in peace with no distractions. Just you and your thoughts. Learning about your self-esteem also means that you must come to terms with this question, “How badly do you want to have a higher self-esteem” ? If you really want it, then you will find it. You have been trained to un-love yourself, so it is not impossible to retrain yourself to love you again. Your environment is also important in helping you feel positive vibes. For you to truly accept yourself unconditionally, you must look beyond the simple quick fix motto’s that are plaguing television and magazines, such as diets that will make you a better you, or take this pill and you will be a new you. Ugh, there are so many misconceptions out there. It seriously boils down to your mind and your heart. Love yourself as you want to be loved. Love yourself as you want to love someone! Just be you! That is a very good thing!

Remember, “HABITS”? Well that’s exactly what you need to do. Create loving you habits and respecting you habits. Think of it as your very first self-esteem day. You wake up, you stretch and hug your partner or just yourself. Even hugging your pillow is a good hug. You have no memory of any other feelings. You love yourself. You have no other intention but to take care of you. You look in the mirror and stick your tongue out and roll your eyes inward and smile! Smile at you because you love who you are. Ti’s a very good thing to be able to smile at you for no other reason than it is good to be you!

Please do not get me wrong here. Life will still challenge you with its ups and downs. You will still have to deal with all the negative things that your day will unravel. But the difference is, you will be doing it from clear, fresh, positive self-esteem eyes. Nothing will defeat you in the end. Oh, it may give you a run for your money, but you will override all of it with your smiles and love for yourself. Imagine the confidence that will shine inside of you. Your reactions will be out of love and understanding. They will no longer be from resentment and hate. This is a good thing!

Remember also that anything worth having does not come easily. Once it has been attained or learned, it remains forever. This too is a good thing! Many women have experienced the highs and the lows of self-esteem, you are so not alone in this battle to find a better you!

To finally have the gift of self-esteem will not bring you happiness, that is something that comes after. But it will bring you a deep awareness of who you are. A new respect for you. A genuine love for yourself and the confidence to soar! Finding your self-esteem saves your world, not anyone else’s. But it does give you the strength to help others to find theirs. So Ladies, please follow me into the world of a very high self-esteem.


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