Happy Christmas Joy

Happy Christmas Joy
by Jimmy Boyes

Happy Christmas Joy
Happy Christmas Joy

Christmas comes and goes at the same lightening speed as the bank balance. We put on a few pounds as the wallet is shedding its. Then comes the January sales “hooray” that s if I had any money to spend on them. Never mind I’ll just look and drool and think of what might have been saying to myself, as I do every year, next year will be different, I’ll definitely plan ahead.
Am I alone, I think not.

Happy Christmas Joy
Organisation is the key. Take time to think and plan the year ahead. Try to get a little extra steady income and put it away. Not easy when you have a wife, four kids, a horse and a dog to look after.
But as the saying goes, “mustn’t grumble” just have to grin and bare it.
Woo hoo here comes the New Year. I’ll have a small libation and forget some of the worries. Life is only as good as you make it.
Jimmy Boyes


Lisa’s Christmas
by Bonnie Kettenbach

Lisa was born into a loving Christian family and went through life knowing of The Lord and his supreme sacrifice. She was accustomed to Amazing Grace each Sunday and saying grace before meals. Lisa knew of the birth of baby Jesus; that worshippers came from far and wide bearing gifts. After all this was no ordinary birth.
One day while in the car with her mother when Lisa was about 8 years old, she saw a sign saying Merry Xmas. “What does that mean?” she asked her mother. “Well” said her mother “I believe it used to be a cross however over the years it has gotten turned”. “OK but why a cross” asked Lisa It is the birth of Christ not X”
Her mother proceeded to explain that people are so hurried now they don’t take the time to write out the full word and by not doing so they change the meaning entirely. Well Lisa was determined she was never going to write Christmas that way.
Lisa also knew of gifts at Christmas and again had a question “Why do we give gifts to each other when it is Christ’s Birthday not ours?”
“Good Point” replied her mom ” Love is a Christian act and giving is too so these are Gods principals being followed” “OK said Lisa now I understand”
Christmas Morning Lisa came downstairs; in her hand was an envelope. There was a beautiful tree and loads of presents. Lisa did not seem to care. She was anxious about something. “What is wrong?” her mom asked. “Nothing replied Lisa but I have no gifts for you. I have one gift and it is for the one having the birthday.”
She opened the envelope and in it was a letter to Jesus Here is what it said
Dear Jesus
Happy Birthday! I love you very much and wanted you to know I remembered. I don’t know why so many people lose sight of what this day really means but I promise never to do that. I promise you to try a little harder this year to be nicer to those that are mean to me and to love those that don’t love me. I promise to try to talk to you more often not just when things go bad for me. Most of all Jesus I promise to keep Christ in my heart so that those I touch you will touch also.
I hope your birthday is special and at least for one day in honor of it I hope everyone will be nice and loving to each other and help others.
Thank you for everything Lord
Love Lisa
When her parents got done reading the letter they both were in tears. Sometimes the eyes of a child can see things so clearly.
Heres wishing you all a merry Christmas and remember please leave the Christ in Christmas.
Bless You all


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