Female Baby Boomer Gift Basket Idea

Female Baby Boomer Gift Basket Idea

Female Baby Boomer Gift Basket Idea
Female Baby Boomer Gift Basket Idea

Fill a basket with:

  • books and magazines on women’s health issues;
  • a variety of herbal teas;
    skin care lotions for maturing skin;
  • gentle hair care products with herbal scents;
  • skin care accessories, such as sponges, brushes and loofahs;
  • humorous coffee mugs;
  • Beatles CDs, for the memories.




The Self Image of a Baby Boomer

Self image takes on a different role in Mid Life. It’s not a cocky attitude which spurs on winning and over powering another person. It is about having the self confidence to be comfortable in your own skin. Creating a life and a style more suited for who you have become. It’s liking the ability to walk in your own shoes and not trying to copy or wish you were someone else. The self image of any aging baby boomer is unique.
An aging baby boomer finds many factions of self image changing on a daily basis. Mid Life becomes a point of acceptance of yourself just the way you are. It’s not an obnoxious realization. It’s not that you’re thinking that you’re better than someone else, it’s more of a meeting of the mind, ego, heart and body.

It is really great to know that once you accept yourself as who you are, you can make the decision to change or alter any aspect. If there is any part of you that you physically don’t like or habits you wish you never had, you find this brave place within to do something about it. You finally understand that your thoughts create who you are. So, that little nursery rhyme that taught you that “If you believe you can, you can and if you believe you can’t, you’re right” was so true. We realize that it does not matter how long it takes to learn something new or if we do it the best. We are the only one judging . Worrying about what everyone else thinks is futile as they’re too busy re-designing their own lives to bother with ours.

Baby Boomers begin to alter all aspects of our lives. The confidence and enthusiasm we can muster when we want to put our lives in order is a giant aspect of our new found, self loving image. We change our walk and our talk. Environments become an outer picture of our internal expressions. Color, style, relationships, careers and family life take on a new flow. Our friends and families also start changing as a positive and confidant environment reaps more of the same.

Anything in life that is neglected will ultimately deteriorate. If you want to be successful in any area of your life, it needs to be acknowledged, nurtured and maintained. It’s time to look in the mirror and become the best friend possible to the reflection you see. If you need to, trick your mind into thinking you have a new hobby. This hobby is you. You need to put as much effort into liking and caring for yourself as you do all the important people in your life. If your best friend, mate or child had a need, you would do whatever you could to help. Give yourself permission to do the same for you.

The imaginary scales inside your body that measure stress and anxiety will wonder what happened. When you start appreciating yourself and not expecting it to come from outside sources you will be amazed at how much more you enjoy your days. Keep a little booklet next to your bed and before you turn out the light, write 5 things you did today that you can compliment yourself about. Do this for two weeks and measure your stress level and I would bet you keep doing it when you see and feel the positive results. You will probably sleep better because compliments feel good to everyone and create the effect of a more positive self image. It also becomes easier to compliment others and in turn it makes your life easier as you pass that good feeling on!