A Miracle Story about Adversity Fate and Joy

A Miracle Story about Adversity Fate and Joy

by Colleen Kettenhofen

Miracles happen! Discover how this must-read miracle story can help you with overcoming adversity, following your fate and finding joy. The grief of loss and the healing power of a puppy. The secret: sometimes we get what we need not necessarily what we “think” we want. A Miracle Story about Adversity, Fate and Joy

Miracles happen. This is a miracle story about what happens when we look for the lesson in every situation. After all, business and personal success is about attitude, overcoming adversity, and successfully managing change as well.

A Miracle Story about Adversity, Fate and Joy
A Miracle Story about Adversity, Fate and Joy

It was Easter, March 31, 2002 and I was on a hiking vacation with my husband in a California desert near where we lived. Our baby daughter, Caroline, was supposed to have been born on this date, but there were complications with the pregnancy and we lost her five months earlier on October 30. Three weeks later in November, we had put my 18 ½-year-old cat, “Baby,” to sleep. Needless to say, with all this adversity we needed a vacation.

It was now late October, 2002, and we were living in Atlanta, Georgia. We’d been contemplating adopting a dog, yet it didn’t seem right with our travel schedules. My husband was an airline pilot, and I was an international speaker. Still, I walked into an animal shelter having convinced myself I would “just look.” In the shelter was a calm, sweet-faced puppy, eight or nine weeks old, who caught my attention. Sensing our chemistry and trust, I did what you’re never supposed to do. I put my hand into her cage. While looking up at me with her big brown eyes, she licked my hand over and over. This innocent puppy was also highly intelligent and obviously knew how to sell herself. After many minutes, I pulled away and forced myself to walk towards the door. Already in love with her, I turned around, and there she was…still looking at me with those eyes.

A new puppy sounded wonderful, except that it didn’t seem to fit into the lifestyle of an airline pilot and international speaker who traveled. And my husband kept telling me how much attention puppies require. Still, my gut feeling was that it was fate. We were supposed to have her. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I was going back to the Peachtree City animal shelter later the next morning to visit.

The next day at a garage sale, two smiling women walked up to me holding a puppy. As I looked more closely, I realized this was the puppy. The same one I’d been thinking of adopting. They placed her in my arms and said, “Would you like to adopt her? She’s from the Peachtree City animal shelter. We can’t have anymore pets, but she had only two hours to live. And we’ve named her Joy because she’s already brought such joy to our lives.”

Joy fit perfectly in my arms as she gazed up at me with those puppy-dog eyes. There was an inexplicable connection and incredible bond. I wanted to talk to my husband first, even though I had a feeling he’d say yes about her this time. They even offered to pet sit her for free.

Later that day, lunching with a friend, she said, “My gosh, Colleen, it’s fate. You’re supposed to have that puppy! Let’s go see Joy tonight.” We drove to their home and as we pulled in the driveway, my friend shrieked, “Oh Colleen, it’s fate, it’s fate!” I had no idea what she was talking about. She pointed to the car in front of us in the driveway, and in huge letters was a bumper sticker that simply read, “FATE.” How many more “signs” did I need?! The family explained to us that night that their son had died unexpectedly a year earlier, that this was his car, his bumper sticker, and that he’d always believed in fate. They believed it was fate that I was supposed to have Joy. This was a miracle story about overcoming adversity, following fate and literally finding joy.

After playing with this happy puppy named Joy, I went home empty-handed that night. I needed to read some inspirational literature, and really think this over. After all, I wanted to make certain this puppy would be with us forever. As I pulled out this little book with its daily word message, I gasped. In big letters, the word of the day was JOY. It was fate! The next day my husband and I brought our bundle of “Joy” home. On Caroline’s anniversary, October 30, 2002, there I was with Joy sitting in my lap riding in the car. And it was the only place she would sit. She refused to be anywhere but my lap.

My ex-husband and I are no longer together. Joy is a healthy 47 lbs, happily living in Portland, Oregon with me and her big cat brother. Pacific Northwest scenery is gorgeous. There’s lots of family history here and many large fenced dog parks. My mother’s cousins love to pet sit Joy since I still travel as a motivational speaker and author. They have a spacious backyard and a wonderful dog of their own.

Miracles happen. The lesson of this miracle story is that eventually, even through adversity, everything has a way of working out. Especially if we will roll with the punches, trust our gut, and follow our fate. Often, we get what we need, not necessarily what we think we want. Joy has literally given me pure joy. She is a miracle of love. A miracle story.



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Decorate Baskets for your Bathroom

Decorate Baskets for your Bathroom

bathroomI like baskets in my bathroom; since baskets will adjoin shades to anything you have in the room. Baskets also allow you to coordinate with other bathroom accessories,  such as shower curtains, throw rugs, sink skirts, etc. On the market, you can find many baskets to choose from. Baskets come in all kinds of shades, contours, and dimensions. Ultimately, you can create your own baskets. Creating your own is fun, since you put heart into your own creation, which brings grand rewards for years to come.

How are baskets created?
Some baskets are made of common newspapers. In addition, you can create baskets from organic grasses from the sea. One can even create baskets from wheat, straw, or uncovered timber, etc. People make baskets from old rags lying around the house also. I have seen some baskets made out of shoeboxes. You can make baskets out of anything you want to, providing you know what type of bathroom accessories you desire to put in your home.

How can I use my basket?
You can use your baskets for many different things, such as storage. I use the baskets to store various items, including correspondence, invoices, etc in the kitchen, yet in the bathroom I store bathe items, such as skin goods, liniments, etc. You can also store hand towels, cosmetics, shaving blends etc in the baskets. I like baskets because they are pretty, and it offers you a great storage facility for many items.

Baskets can be used as compost bucket, or you can store your hair items in the baskets. Baskets give you the advantage of sitting them on shelves or the floor to fill up that vacant corner legroom. You can use the baskets to store your laundry. The storage bin will free up disorder around your bathroom.

How to decorate baskets:
You can use a wide array of items to decorate your baskets. When decorating your own basket try using items, such as ribbons, binds, clasps, etc. You can find old items around the house and come up with your own ideals. Perhaps some idle textile might make a great bend over for your basket. Toting up ribbons to your basket close to the pinnacle is a great idea. In addition, you can interlace ribbon onto your basket, which you cannot go wrong with creating your own exclusive approach.

One of my favorites is the ivy storage baskets. The ivy has a variety of shades that go with everything in your bathroom. In addition, ivy is easy to manage, which means you can create virtually anything you desire.

If you want to add style, try adding dried floral. The flowers will enhance the basket by adding texture, as well as color. At craft stores, you will find a wide array of floral, or you can dry your own.

Moss is good also. The moss works to fill in gaps around the edges and sides of your floral arrangement. Use the moss, adding it to the crown to alter effects. Creating baskets is fun, and you have the choice of designing wall hangers, ivy, floral, and so on.

How to choose your patterns?
It depends on your taste. If you are searching to accomplish uniqueness, then consider your ideas, tastes, desires and other patterns sold on the market. You have wide array of colorful items or plain textures to consider.

How would I make my own baskets?
When making your own basket you will need a few items to get in progress. First, you will need to consider what you intend to generate. Try making a draft before starting your basket project. As you draw up the floor plan, consider basket weaves, and other items you can use to design your product.


Include paintbrushes,

different types of paints,
markers, pencils,
sketch books.


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Terrier Pet Dog Well-Behaved

Terrier Pet Dog Well-Behaved

Terrier-3Here are some tips you can use to keep your Airedale terrier pet dog well-behaved:

1) Can’t teach an old dog – You have to start training your Airedale terrier pet dog as early as possible. This is because of the fact that the earlier an Airedale terrier pet dog learns a trick, the faster they will be able to learn it. This doesn’t just apply to tricks. It also applies to general behavior. When your Airedale terrier pet dog is still just a puppy, you need to start training it. This way, the behavioral training that you give it will be ingrained into the Airedale terrier pet dog’s brain. This way, proper behavior becomes almost instinctive to the Airedale terrier pet dog.

2) Use, don’t abuse – Various training methods are made available for you by various experts. However, there’s one thing you should know: they only work with proper use. Some people make use of the leash or of the crate to abuse their animals. What you need to know is that each method of training can only be effective if used in a way that will not harm the animals. You need to be firm but gentle with your animal when you are trying to train it.

Use the various implements humanely in such a manner that will encourage your dog to behave well and not scare it from behaving badly.

3) Habit inside, habit outside – Before taking your Airedale terrier pet dog outside, try to observe its behavior inside. This will give you a clue as to how the Airedale terrier pet dog will act outside the house. Many people say that a dog’s behavior inside a house is very different from the way that the same dog will act in outside environments. This is not true. By observing the inside behavior of your Airedale terrier pet dog, you will realize how it will respond to you outside.

If your Airedale terrier pet dog does not listen to your commands inside the house, how can you expect it to listen to your commands outside the house where there are things a lot more interesting to a dog than your commands are?

4) Keep your temper – Training an Airedale terrier pet dog can understandably be very frustrating. However, you should not lose your temper. Negative actions such as hitting or shouting at your dog will not accomplish anything positive. Sometimes, we have a tendency to take out our frustrations on helpless pets. Do not blame your problems on the dog. If you know that you are having a bad day, do not even think about training your dog. All that you might get from the ordeal is a bad case of hyperacidity. Your dog will learn nothing and that would only increase your frustration.

5) Timing – Timing is always important. You need to make corrections regarding your Airedale terrier pet dog’s behavior while those corrections are still relevant. If you praise or correct with the wrong timing, you would only end up confusing the dog. Actually, the best timing you can use is to correct the Airedale terrier pet dog before he or she even starts to misbehave.

These five tips can help you a lot in keeping your Airedale terrier pet dog’s behavior in check. By following these tips, you can make training your dog an easy task.




Fill a gold fish bowl with:

fish food

~ aquarium gravel

~ net

~ gift certificate for fish from pet store

~ book about care of gold fish


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Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our Blog!

This is BalliGifts Blog

We will posting here great information that hopefully you might need. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please kindly contact us at any time.






Planning a Long Visit to Paris

When you plan a long stay in Paris for any length of time, you should look into a few things before getting started. You will find many things to do as the seasons change.

How to choose sports in Paris
Unbelievably Paris offers 360 different sports. You can check with your nearest travel agent and they can assist you in finding out what would best fit your wants before going. There are many parks in different areas that a person and just go to relax as well as play some football or soccer. Perhaps you can have a picnic while your there. Swimming is a popular sport for fun as well as exercise, most hotels have swimming pools but you can also go to the many public pools and private owned ones too.

You can visit the stadium in Paris to enjoy your favorite sport. There is always something going on at a stadium to make give you a relaxing enjoying night out.

How to choose schools in Paris:
If you are planning to make your stay long term, so you can go to school that’s great. Paris has 13 universities for you to choose from making Paris known as the European University Capital. Over 300,000 students attend school each year. The King of France started the first school and academy in his palace the year of 800. He wanted everyone to have the chance of a lifetime to learn. During the months of September through November, the welcome center is open to help the students find housing, jobs, get bank accounts or whatever they may need for their long term stay.

How to find Gay spots in Paris:
Paris is open-minded for the Gay and Lesbian, letting these people be-their own person. Dozens of bars, restaurants, hotels and many more things are open for them. Wherever you see a “rainbow flag,” it is for the gay and lesbian crowds. Join the association for gay and lesbian tourists, they provide a meeting point for groups on Saturday. Find an apartment in the gay community and make your life a happy one on a day-to-day basis. Check out the Gay travel agency where they have tours and events for everyone. Paris also provides clubs with the gay and lesbians in mind.

How to protect your belongings:
Safety is something everyone needs to be aware of. There are many pickpockets out there walking the streets so keep the wallets in your back pocket, make sure your bags are securely fastened. Hang onto those cell phones; everyone likes those free minutes. If someone should walk up and offer their services to you, make a visit to the official sales point to let it be known. The official sales point can give you information on safety a list of all the police stations as well.

When your choosing the season for your stay in Paris be sure to check with your nearest travel agent. The air is not of good quality and can cause your airways to plug up, you might experience difficulty breathing and it even causes the erosion of monuments.
Paris City is doing all they can to provide fresh air, which is polluted, caused from the surplus of traffic. Air is constantly being monitored; when the pollution is high, the media is alerted. Warnings are put out for the children, elderly, and pregnant women in mind. When the pollution is high, all outdoors sports are canceled until it goes down. Although the air is generally good, the city is encouraging the people to use the public transport, cycling, and roller-blading more. This would cut down the pollution and make it safer for everyone.


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