Reasons For Wearing Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Reasons For Wearing Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Reasons For Wearing Fake Tattoo Sleeves

September 5, 2014 | Author: | Posted in Business
Reasons For Wearing Fake Tattoo Sleeves
Reasons For Wearing Fake Tattoo Sleeves

A permanent tattoo requires a long term commitment. Fake tattoo sleeves, however, are made of stretchable fresh toned fabric covered in tattoos and they offer a flexibility not afforded by permanent ink. Tat devotees may frown on them but there are many valid reasons for not getting real ink.

Some people love tattoos but they have very valid reasons for not being able to have a real one. Allergies to the ink is just one of these. Others may not be able to imagine having to look at the same one all their lives, even when they are old and wrinkled. Someone may want to try out the idea for a while before going the permanent route.

Working in a conservative office environment may make getting tattoos risky. This does not stop the individual from putting on a sleeve for a fun night out. They can express their wild side before going back to a conservative work outfit on a Monday morning.

Costume parties and other fun events are also perfect occasions for wearing these products. There are so many different designs available that it is easy to choose one to match a particular outfit. Pirates, rock stars, prisoners and bikers all benefit from the addition of some tattoos. Tigers, skulls, tribal prints, flowers and dragons are just some of the designs available.

Producers of stage productions may also benefit from using these products. They can be purchased in packs of ten at a reasonable price. A special event like a rock concert is a perfect occasion for bringing out the tattoos to compliment an edgy outfit. Some people even buy items like this to use for gags or practical jokes.

There are so many of these items available and they vary in quality. There are those that are more realistic looking than others. The quality items hold shape better, stay in place and the designs are created by skilled illustrators and artists. They can be worn under a t-shirt and the wrist edge covered with a bracelet or watch for a more realistic look.

A sleeve is very easy to slip on and due to the stretchable nature of the fabric, one size generally fits all. The fabric used is usually a combination of nylon and spandex, similar to that used for ladies stockings. Some require hand washing and others can be machine washed.

Most of these items are priced very reasonably. If one is simply using these items for a practical joke, then quality is not really important. However, if a better quality and as realistic a look as possible is desired, a more expensive option may be selected. Sometimes the quality of designs and materials used can push up the price.

If buying from one of the many online stores offering these products, it is important to find out the policies of the company with regard to shipping and returns. Some offer free shipping under certain conditions and their are even those offering money back guarantees. These items give people a chance to wear tattoos temporarily without any of the pain, permanence or risks.

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