Holy Day Good Friday Holy Day

Holy Day Good Friday Holy Day

When: March 25, 2016

On Good Friday, Jesus Christ died on the cross. He died for us. But he only died in human form. He then arose from the dead on Easter Sunday morning to show us that there is life after death in heaven. Good Friday, also called “Dark Friday”, is a day of solemn prayer and the final day of fasting for the long lenten season.

Holy Day Good Friday Holy Day
Holy Day Good Friday Holy Day

Christ was nailed to the cross at noon. His death came at three o’clock in the afternoon. During this time, christians should spend in prayer and silence.







Adam as Jesus
by Deborah Sexton

Sometimes things will be given to me to know and I feel it is a new revelation just to find others had already received it from Spirit. Regardless, it is always exciting to receive deep mysteries from Creator.
Several years ago someone asked me the question, If Creator is love, why would He send His perfect Son to suffer so much for us. I went home and meditated on this questions.
When I was a teenage girl my spirituality was traditional Christianity. (Although I still believe in Christ, I do not hold the same doctrine as traditional Christians) so I have read the King James version of the Bible in detail.
As I was meditating I suddenly became enlightened on this subject. So let me tell you what I suddenly and divinely “knew”.
Adam came into the world as a spirit type creation. He came into a pure world.
Adam found He was also a physical being. He liked the physical and took care of it’s every need. He soon forgot He was spirit and catered to the flesh. By becoming one sided in the flesh He forgot He was divine and powerful and in the image of Creator. By living only in the flesh He lost or forgot He was telepathic, able to heal, able to manifest etc. He made a lot of bad decisions and mistakes. He felt lost, hopeless and powerless. He passed this way of life down to His children, and to every generation after Him. Adam caused man to become mortal.
My definition of “Sin” is not doing something “wrong” To me “Sin” means “The lack of faith”. If a man steals, it is because He lacks faith that God will provide. (We’ll discuss this at a latter time in another chapter).
So Adam brought lack of faith to the world and therefore, hopelessness and death.
Adam now had accumulated a lot of “Karma” and there was no way He knew of to escape it. Too bad because Adam was God’s first Son..a very unhappy prodigal Son.
So then Jesus or Yeshua was born of a woman. Came into an impure world. Was tempted in every manner and never lacked faith. Yeshua was the reincarnation of Adam.
The first man Adam brought sin (lack of faith and hopelessness in the flesh) to the world
The second man Adam brought faith, hope and the ability to get back what we had lost
He brought knowledge of our divinity. So in reality Adam paid His debt to mankind by reincarnating into the Christ. His life was just the opposite of the first man Adam.
Creator after all was not causing Yeshua to suffer. In order for Yeshua to pay His karmic debt..He had to show mankind through death and being raised from the dead, that man is also a divine eternal being. “For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.” (1 Cor. 15:22-23)
Makes us know there is hope for all of us to ascend



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