Happy Moon Holiday

Happy Moon Holiday

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Date When Celebrated : July 20 th

Moon Day commemorates the day man first walked on the moon in 1969.

Happy Moon Holiday
Happy Moon Holiday

The Apollo Space program, begun by President John F. Kennedy, was created to put the first man on the moon. Apollo 11 fulfilled that dream, carrying astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin Aldrin, Jr. What an amazing and historic event it was!

On July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 was launched from Cape Kennedy Space Center atop a huge Saturn V rocket. On July 20, 1969, the Lunar Module, nicknamed the “Eagle”, touched down on the surface of the moon at Tranquility Base. Upon landing, Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong reported “The Eagle Has Landed”. A few hours later, Neil Armstrong, stepped off of the Eagle’s ladder, placed one foot upon the moon’s surface and proclaimed: “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”.


Enjoy Moon Day re-living this historic day. Watch a movie on space or read a book on space flight. We suggest the movie ” Apollo 13″.



Rarely, This Happens, You Blue Mooner!
by Arthur Buchanan

What in the hell do I mean by this, let’s walk down a path that is hardly ever traveled by anyone anymore. Well it kind of goes like this. Do you remember Haley’s Comet? It only comes by once ever seventy-five years, I would consider it’s a big deal.
Some folks couldn’t even stay up for one of the few nights that you could see this amazing site? How wired is that? I mean what a few nights of less sleep than, they would normally have. Now don’t you think that maybe just maybe, that they could catch up on their sleep another night?
I mean who knows it may just be a chance of a lifetime, which is what we mean by rarely. I mean you are drunk for all your Child’s birthdays and suddenly you die, now looking back. Do you think that you might have wanted to be sober one of those years? This qualifies as once in a blue moon.
Please don’t be a blue mooner or you will miss all the great lessons that life has to teach you and who knows it may just be once in a blue moon, the chance that you have just missed will only come around for your grandchildren and maybe they would have loved to had videos from the last comet, so they could compare them.
So are you a blue mooner, do you need to get extra sleep even though you are going to miss the once in the lifetime site? Are you going to drink yourself to death? Are you going to miss all your children’s life? Basically what I am asking you is this – are you going to be a blue mooner?
There are many blue mooners out there, but that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them! You can rise above the crowd and be in the 1% club. What does this mean? Only one percent of the population will actually use there brain more than once a day or almost never to do anything they consider hard or that requires thinking at all.
If you want to be in the 1% club, all you have to do is be one-step above the crowd at the bottom. That’s all one piney tinny Winnie step, that’s all it takes one damn lousy step and only one percent of the people separate themselves from the crowd. Hello is anyone out there that can hear me? Are you going to take the one small step or are you going to be a blue mooner…
The choice is up to you just remember all it take is one little step to separate your self form the crowd at the bottom, are you willing to read that one book or listen to that one tape series on self improvement? I mean come on, one lousy step is all it takes, but you cannot hear because you are drunk and your children pray that your drinking would be a once in a blue mooner, or rarely!
Please share this article with anyone you feel that it may help, friends, family members, associates, just about anyone and please try to be a 1% better than everyone else 🙂
They are calling Arthur Buchanan’s methods of recovering from mental illness REVOLUTIONARY! (MEDICAL COLLEGE OF MICHIGAN) ‘Arthur Buchanan has given us a revolutionary blue print for recovery in these uncertain times, when Mental Illness at a all time high in the United States of America, yet if you follow this young mans methods, we assure you of positive results and I QUOTE ‘If these methods are followed precisely, their is no way you can’t see positive results with whatever illness you have’ Dr. Herbert Palos Detroit, Michigan’


steak with tangy yogurt sauce

steak with
tangy yogurt sauce

greek-style flank steak with
tangy yogurt sauce

Prep time: 25 minutes
Cook time: 25 minutes

lemon, garlic, and oregano bring out the flavors of this bold and flavorful Mediterranean dish

steak with tangy yogurt sauce
steak with tangy yogurt sauce


1 beef flank steak (12 oz)
For marinade:
¼ C lemon juice
1 Tbsp olive oil
2 tsp fresh oregano, rinsed, dried,
and chopped (or ½ tsp dried)
1 Tbsp garlic, minced (about 2–3 cloves)
For yogurt sauce:
1 C cucumber, peeled, seeded,
and chopped
1 C nonfat plain yogurt
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1 Tbsp fresh dill, rinsed, dried, and
chopped (or 1 tsp dried)
1 Tbsp garlic, minced (about 2–3 cloves)
½ tsp salt
1 For the marinade, combine lemon juice, olive oil,
oregano, and garlic in a large bowl.
2 Lay steak in a flat container with sides and pour
marinade over the steak. Let the steak marinate for at
least 20 minutes or up to 24 hours, turning several times.
3 Combine all the ingredients for the yogurt sauce.
Set yogurt sauce aside for at least 15 minutes to
blend flavors. (Sauce can be prepared up to 1 hour
in advance and refrigerated.)
4 Preheat oven broiler on high temperature, with the
rack 3 inches from heat source.
5 Broil steak for about 10 minutes on each side (to a
minimum internal temperature of 145 ºF). Let cool
for 5 minutes before carving.
6 Slice thinly across the grain into 12 slices
(1 ounce each).*
7 Serve three slices of the steak with ½ cup yogurt
sauce on the side.
Tip: Try serving in a sandwich with pita bread, lettuce, and tomato.

4 servings
serving size:
3 oz steak, ½ C yogurt sauce
each serving provides:
calories 181
total fat 7 g
saturated fat 2 g
cholesterol 36 mg
sodium 364 mg
total fiber less than 1 g
protein 21 g
carbohydrates 9 g
potassium 329 mg


beef tenderloin with pineapple salsa

beef tenderloin with pineapple salsa

cocoa-spiced beef tenderloin with
pineapple salsa

Prep time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes

beef tenderloin with pineapple salsa
beef tenderloin with pineapple salsa

Latin American flavors come alive in this festive beef dish with fruity salsa
½ Tbsp vegetable oil
1 beef tenderloin roast (16 oz)
For salsa:
½ C canned diced pineapple, in fruit
juice, chopped into small pieces
¼ C red onion, minced
2 tsp fresh cilantro, rinsed, dried,
and chopped (or substitute
¼ tsp dried coriander)
1 Tbsp lemon juice
For seasoning:
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp ground coriander
1 Tbsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp ground allspice
1 Tbsp cocoa powder (unsweetened)
2 tsp chili powder
¼ tsp salt

1 Preheat oven to 375 ºF.

2 For the salsa, combine all ingredients and toss well.
Let sit for 10–15 minutes to marinate while preparing
the seasoning and cooking the meat.

3 For the beef tenderloin seasoning, combine all
ingredients. Lightly oil the tenderloin and spread an
even layer of the dry seasoning over the entire roast.

4 Place the seasoned roast on a roasting or broiling pan
and roast for 10–15 minutes (to a minimum internal
temperature of 145 ºF). Let cool for 5 minutes
before carving into 16 slices (1 ounce each).

5 Serve four slices of the tenderloin with ¼ cup salsa
on the side.


Tip: Delicious with a side of rice and Grilled Romaine Lettuce With Caesar Dressing yield:
4 servings
serving size:
4 oz tenderloin roast, ¼ C salsa
each serving provides:
calories 215
total fat 9 g
saturated fat 3 g
cholesterol 67 mg
sodium 226 mg
total fiber 2 g
protein 25 g
carbohydrates 9 g
potassium 451 mg


Popular Theme Party Ideas For Adults

Popular Theme Party Ideas For Adults
by Dee Schrock

Who said theme parties are just for kids?
I’ve picked out the most popular party themes for adults, sure to bring out the “kid” in you.
If you are looking to host a party that is sure to go over well, check out the tried-and-true party ideas below.
Hawaiian Luau Party
Welcome each guest with an “aloha” and a kiss on the cheek. Hand a lei to all guests, and a silk flower for the women to put in their hair.
Think balmy and exotic! Bright and colorful is sure to set a tropical ambiance.
The best drinks include Margaritas, Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, Bahama Mamas, and Frozen Daiquiris. Be sure to have Hawaiian punch on hand for the non-alcoholic set as well as water for all.
Be sure to have a limbo contest to see “how low can you go” and a hula contest for great fun.
Wine Tasting Party

Popular Theme Party Ideas For Adults
Popular Theme Party Ideas For Adults

A wine tasting party doesn’t have to be reserved for the well-versed wine connoisseur. Get your friends together for an informal potluck party, with each guest bringing his/her favorite wine. Food should be simple appetizers as well as cheese and bread. Provide index cards for guests to rate their favorites.
Bunco Party Theme
Bunco is a great game is rapidly taking over in our living rooms. It’s not your grandmother’s canasta game! Bunco allows for regular get-togethers with family, friends, and neighbors as you can meet on a monthly basis, while rotating hosts. It’s fast paced and gets you mixing with all players (usually 12) as you rotate from table to table.
Fortune Telling Theme
I see a fun theme party in your future…
A gypsy type garb is perfect for a fortune telling party. Complete your outfit with scarves, lots of bangle type bracelets, and hoop earrings.
Have a least one table with a crystal ball. If you can’t find one, you can always use a large snow globe of some kind.
Other great games include a Ouija board and Magic Eight ball.
Mexican Fiesta
Go “South of the border” for a festive theme party. Great decorations include inflatable cactus, chili peppers, boots, and sombreros.
The signature drinks for a fiesta party are margaritas and Corona beer.
Be sure to play plenty of fiesta music as you shake your maracas!
Casino/Las Vegas Night
The central theme is friendly gambling- either for prizes or just for fun.
The most popular games tend to be blackjack and poker. For the non-gambling type, include simple games like bingo and other popular card games.
Give each guest poker chips, play money, and dice when they arrive. Great decorations include hanging fuzzy dice and lots of black and red balloons. For a Las Vegas style nightlife effect, add plenty of glow products.
Decade Party (50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s)
Decade theme parties are extremely popular and can be also be used for themed birthday parties as well. Guests have lots of fun dressing in outfits from their high school and college days.
Flowered pants, peace signs, and John Lennon glasses are great for a 60’s theme.
Bell-bottom Levi’s or Wranglers are great for that 70’s party- or go all out with your leisure suit.
Punk wigs, mezpahs, and jelly bracelets are great for a retro 80’s look.
Dinner Party
There are many options for putting together a great dinner party. Depending on your own style, the dinner party can range from casual and entertaining, to gourmet and polished.
The three most popular types of dinner parties tend to be dessert, cocktail, or international food themed.
For a more casual party, use a potluck style. Guest can bring along a dish of their choice. This can be a full course American meal or international cuisine. You can choose to be dessert or cocktail party specific.
Magic Theme Party
Planning a magic party doesn’t have to be “tricky” after all. Go all out with your black top hat and magic wand as you get your guests to learn simple card tricks. Tricks can range from easy to more special effects.
Great decorations include hanging black top hats and lots of black and red balloons. For a magical effect, add plenty of glow products.
Western Theme Party
Think rustic and hearty!
Old lanterns, jugs, and bales of hay make great decorations. You can also use kerosene lamps and washtubs as accents.
A game of horseshoes next to a roaring bonfire is a great activity for socializing. Sing-along western songs can liven up the bunch, and karaoke takes cowboy tunes to a new dimension.
Games to play can include competitions in roping, or using a lasso to catch an object.
I hope these ideas helped spark some ideas for your upcoming theme party. Have a sensational celebration!


Happy National Daiquiri Holiday

Happy National Daiquiri Holiday

Date When Celebrated : July 19 th

It’s the middle of the Dog Days of Summer. The weather is hot and sultry. It’s time for a cold and refreshing drink. Enjoying a daiquiri on National Daiquiri Day is the perfect solution, to ease the effects of the heat and humidity.

Happy National Daiquiri Holiday
Happy National Daiquiri Holiday

The original Daiquiri consists of rum, lime juice and sugar, with plenty of ice added to the glass. The Daiquiri was first created in 1898 by Jennings Stockton Cox, an American mining engineer. The Daiquiri was named after the local mining village of Daiquiri, Cuba, at the Venus bar. Needless to say, the local miners loved the sweet summer cooler, and it’s popularity quickly spread. As its popularity grew, so did the number of varieties. The original lime based recipe remains the most popular, along with strawberry. The number of different Daiquiri flavors is only limited by the number of berries and other fruit.

In the 1940’s Ernest Hemming way conceived the frozen Daiquiri at El Floridita in Havana, Cuba, when he had bartender Constantino Ribalaigua run the drink filled with ice through a blender.

Lift your daiquiri glass in celebration of National Daiquiri Day!

Related Holidays: National Margarita Day


The Origin of National Daiquiri Day:
Our research has not yet uncovered the creator of this special day, or when it was first celebrated.

This is not a true “National” day. Neither the U.S. congress, nor the President of the United States has proclaimed it a national day.


Luau Party Ideas For An Enchanting, Tropical Island Party
by Dee Schrock

Aloha! Here are a few ideas for an enchanting, tropical island paradise. The natives are restless…start planning your exotic luau today. Wikiwiki! (Hawaiian for hurry!)
Welcome each guest with an “aloha” and a kiss on the cheek. Hand a lei to all guests, and a silk flower for the women to put in their hair.
Other nice touches are grass skirts to wear or as table decorations.
Think balmy and exotic! Bright and colorful is sure to set a tropical ambiance.
Palm fronds and palm trees should line the area. You can create grass huts out of grocery bags by cutting it into thin strips, and hanging on a card table.
Nylon fish nets and seashells are a great accent. You will want to make sure you have plenty of tropical flowers, whether fresh or silk.
Line the area with brightly colored fish and inflatable palm trees. The table decor can include tiki statues, as well as tiki torches for an evening ambiance.
Here are some ideas for enticing cuisine:

Spiced pork
Steamed vegetables
Barbeque foods
Fresh fruits- pineapple, strawberries, melons, papayas
Fresh vegetables
Crab salad
Roasted bananas
Macadamia nuts
Hawaiian sweet bread

The best drinks include Margaritas, Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, Bahama Mamas, and Frozen Daiquiris.
Get your cameras ready for limbo and hula dancing contests!
I hope this helps spark some fun ideas for your upcoming Hawaiian luau party. Aloha!


Happy World Emoji Holiday

Happy World Emoji Holiday

world, emoji, day, emojis

Date When Celebrated : always July 17

Emojis were first used in Japan in the late 1990s on mobile phones. They are fun to use. As a result, their popularity and use has grown exponentially. Today, you couldn’t imagine a world without emojis.

World Emoji Holiday
World Emoji Holiday

In the last few years, major corporations have gotten into the act, creating an enormous assortment of emojis for us to use for almost any emotion or occasion. Retail outlets have also joined the fun. You can find emojis on all sorts of products, from stationery to T-shirts, to pillows.

Emojis have their roots in the yellow smiley of the 1960s and 1970s.. Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts created the smiley face in 1963. Harvey’s smiley also gained world-wide popularity.

Related Holidays:

World Smile Day
Smile Power Day
It is very easy to participate in the special day. Get on your smart phone and add an emoji to all of the texts you send today. Chances are, you already do that every day on many of your texts.



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Symbol sets Emoji
Assigned 1,144 code points
Unicode version history
1.0.0 78 (+78)
3.0 80 (+2)
3.2 88 (+8)
4.0 96 (+8)
4.1 111 (+15)
5.1 115 (+4)
5.2 142 (+27)
6.0 858 (+716)
6.1 871 (+13)
7.0 975 (+104)
8.0 1,016 (+41)
9.0 1,088 (+72)
10.0 1,144 (+56)
Note: These counts are for emoji that are single Unicode characters;[1][2] many more emoji are composed of sequences of two or more characters.[3] Emoji were first defined in Unicode 6.0, and pre-6.0 characters were only defined as emoji in 6.0 or later.
Color emoji from Google‘s Noto Emoji Projectused by GmailGoogle HangoutsChrome OS and Android

Emoji (Japanese絵文字えもじpronounced [emodʑi]English: /ˈmi/, also US: /ˈmi/, plural also emojis)[4] are ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and Web pages. Emoji are used much like emoticons and exist in various genres, including facial expressions, common objects, places and types of weather, and animals.

Originating on Japanese mobile phones in the late 1990s, emoji have become increasingly popular worldwide since their international inclusion in Apple‘s iPhone, which was followed by similar adoption by Android and other mobile operating systems.[5][6][7] Apple’s macOS operating system supports emoji as of version 10.7 (Lion).[8] Microsoft added monochrome Unicode emoji coverage to the Segoe UI Symbol system font in Windows 8 and added color emoji in Windows 8.1 via the Segoe UI Emoji font.[9] The first international Emojicon conference was held in San Francisco, California on November 4, 2016.[10]

Originally meaning pictograph, the word emoji comes from Japanese e (絵, “picture”) + moji (文字, “character”). The resemblance to the English words emotion and emoticonis purely coincidental.[11]


How to be a Butt Head Boss

How to be a Butt Head Boss

by Gene Simmons

A boss creates fear, a leader confidence. A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes. A boss knows all, a leader asks questions. A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting. – Russell H. Ewing

1. Trust no one. Not your superiors and not your employees. Especially not your employees. They’re probably out to get you anyway.

2. Believe that all of your people are lazy, good-for-nothing slackers. Remind them of that frequently.

3. Get mad and shout a lot. This will reinforce to your “workers” that you mean business.

Being a Butt-Head Boss
Being a Butt-Head Boss

4. Never grant special favors. Having babies, being sick, taking time off to go to weddings, funerals or 50th anniversaries are just ways to get out of work. Don’t let them get away with it.

5. Try not to make decisions. Decisions will only give your boss a reason to fire you. If a decision is absolutely necessary, try to postpone it as long as possible.

6. Do not tolerate errors. Of any kind or any size. Even the smallest of errors just reinforces the fact that your people are screw-ups. Fire people for minor infractions.

7. Criticize. Never be satisfied with any of your employees’ work products. If they were trying at all, they would be doing better.
8. Refuse to listen to suggestions. Your subordinates are just trying to get you to do something that will get you into trouble. They don’t have the sense god gave a goose anyway. Your way is the right way.
9. Complain to various employees how bad the others are. Try to get them on your side so they’ll group together and force the really worthless people to leave.
10. Change your mind often. About everything – policies, procedures, work assignments. Don’t let your employees become complacent with the way things are.
11. Come into work late and leave early. Take long lunches. Show your people that you’re the boss and can do whatever you want.
12. Prohibit office celebrations and parties. No birthdays, no holiday parties or decorating, no nothing. This is no place to be goofing off. There is work to do.
13. Never praise your people. They’ll just expect more of it. Besides, no one ever does anything that’s worth recognizing anyway.
14. Never tell any of your employees exactly what you do. They’ll use it against you.
15. Refuse to discuss the status of the company with any of your employees. Finances and future plans are none of their business. They need to focus on just their jobs.
16. Do not train your employees. Give them only the minimum information they need to do their jobs. Let them prove themselves by figuring out the details.
17. Definitely do not cross-train your people. That will only cause them to get big-headed about how much they know. Don’t give them a reason to complain about their miserable wages.
18. Give the easy jobs to the employees who always agree with you. They’ve earned it.
19. Give the really cushy jobs to the really “friendly” people – the cutest or best looking ones who aren’t afraid to show just how friendly they are. Being a boss is tough. You deserve your perks.
20. Petty cash is your discretionary lunch money. Enjoy it.
21. Cut company expenses by firing whoever you want. Demand increases in productivity from those remaining. Maybe they will eventually get the idea that they need to get to work.
22. Never show your people that you care about them. It would make you look weak and erode your status as a boss.
23. Display your power. Sit behind a big desk. Make sure all the other chairs in your office are much lower than yours.
24. Never go to employees’ work stations to discuss anything – unless you need to chew them out. You’re much too important to leave your office. Make them come to you.
25. Use meetings to intimidate your employees. Be loud, be forceful, pound the table – show them who’s boss.
26. Do not accept the blame for anything. When your people screw up, it’s completely their fault. Never yours.
27. Take full credit for everything good that happens in your group. None of your employees are smart enough to have done it by themselves.
28. Never, ever make your own coffee. You’re much too important to spend your time doing that.
29. Tell your employees that you’re reading ALL e-mails whether you do or not. Do not permit them to make personal phone calls for any reason. Make sure they know that you are watching their every move. You can’t trust any of them.
30. Never, never, never give any of your people access to the Internet. They’ll just waste their time accessing porn sites …

And Then My Boss Said, Take That Fear And Shove It!
by Richard Vegas

Hey gang; Ok it’s time to create some good habits. You know, like eating a pork barrel full of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at 3 am in the morning. Nah……that’s not the kind of habit I’m talking about. The only habit that will create is a quick trip to the toilet first thing in the morning. Ok, what then?
To create a personal success system that never fails requires good habits. Without good habits, you will default to bad habits.
I say this all the time….When you go after something don’t come back till you get it. Let me illustrate. In the sales profession, people are taught never ask a prospect for his time. Take it; they’re taught.
Well, if you think about it, then success in anything you’re doing can be boiled down to a scientific formula. Failure can also be boiled down to a formula. Apply the one, avoid the other. Sounds simple, right?
Then why do so darn many people fail when attempting something worthwhile? Why do so many find themselves sucking wind and always ending up the tail instead of the head? Michael Jordan said it best. “I have failed over and over again in my life, and THAT is why I succeed.
Then why do so few people achieve what Michael Jordan has? Fear of failure. No body likes to fail. But failure is only temporary as long as we take another stab at what we’re doing.
You say though……..yea, but I’m the one that’s been stabbed. Ok, so what makes you so special? You think Elvis never failed? You think Henry Ford never failed? What causes failure anyway?
Timidity and Fear! Yuk! I knew you were going to say that.
Yea, that’s right. Let me illustrate. I knew a guy a few years ago that was hard up for a job. He told me someone suggested he sell insurance. Yuk, he said, why don’t I just slit my wrist? But he said, I can’t even get a job driving a garbage truck, so, he did take a job selling insurance.
He said I was scared stiff. He had never sold anything in his life. So, his manager told him, “I’ll give you five names everyday to call on. Just make sure to see these people the very same day. He promised and went home to study his sales material.
Everyday for a week, he made several sales, and then, something interesting happened. His sales manager was in a meeting and could not give him his five names to call on.
He told him to go to the yellow pages and find the names of five owners and call on them. He said that’s what I’ve been doing for the last week. And his sales manager said these words to him. “Success is a matter of mental attitude.” YOUR attitude. And, your entire career will depend on your attitude.
He said I went out there with the same attitude with the names I selected as I had with the names that my sales manager had picked for me.
Then he said I learned an important lesson about timidity and fear. First of all I recognized fear is nature’s way of keeping me from harm, particularly when I don’t know what’s waiting for me.
He learned that fear could be a destructive emotion. So destructive that it could paralyze the biggest of men. Success is achieved by those who try. If there is nothing significant to lose by trying and a lot to gain by trying, by all means, try.
And, the emotion of fear will be neutralized as you begin to try. Not as you sit on your rear eating that pork barrel full of ice cream and wish and hope.
Another illustration from my personal experience. Many of you know I am a recording artist and my passion is music. People all the time think that “some” people are just gifted to sing and perform. If they only knew. When I first started singing, I would go to night clubs that sponsored karaoke or open mic nights and sing.
When I first started, I would sit in my seat hoping the DJ would lose my slip of paper with my name on it so he couldn’t call me up there. Of course, no one else knew this. Ha! After I would sing one song, the back of my neck would be dripping with perspiration after only a 3 minute song. Just from nervousness. I felt like a long tailed cat in a dark room full of rocking chairs.
The more I did this, the less nervousness I had. Then one day, no more perspiration. What neutralized the fear? Action. I learned the emotion of fear was not subject to reason. I reasoned there was no need to be afraid. I mean it was not like I was facing a firing squad; no one was about to shoot me. Or, make ME eat that pork barrel full of ice cream. I had NO reason to be afraid. But, the fear was still there.
So, I learned an important psychological principle. Fear is not subject to reason, but it is subject to action. When your thoughts will not rid you of an undesirable emotion, action will. I found out I could talk to myself till I was wacky, and could not talk away the fear. It just doesn’t work like that. I learned that fear was not conducive to giving my best performance.
So Homer,……… Sing to Win they said!!
In the very highly competitive game of Internet Marketing you play according to the rules, and you must not violate the standards of net-etiquette. To do so, will brand you a scammer, and a spammer, and who knows what else, maybe a jackass.
You become a success at whatever you’re doing in this game by trying, and trying, and keep on trying. Then eventually work is fun, life is worth living, and you begin attracting like a magnet all you desire including money. Money is NOT attracted to negative behavior.



Fresh Spinach Holiday

Fresh Spinach Holiday

Date When Celebrated : July 16 th

Fresh Spinach Day is our opportunity to put healthier food into our diets.

Popeye the Sailor is right. Spinach is one of the healthiest food

Fresh Spinach Holiday
Fresh Spinach Holiday

s you can eat. It tastes good, and there are many recipes. Many people turn up their nose to it, without even trying it.

The reason for eating fresh spinach, is the nutritional value is highest, when it is fresh and uncooked.

Celebrate this day by introducing some fresh spinach to your meals today. You could start by mixing in some spinach into your garden salad. Your family may not even notice, but by doing so, you are making them healthier!

Gardeners know that spinach is easy to grow. And, it’s hardy. You can plant it as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring. Why, that’s today in many parts of the country! More on Growing Spinach.

There is another day that we celebrate this healthy vegetable. It’s National Spinach Day, celebrated on March 26th. We think it is great that there are two days to celebrate this wonderful vegetable, and to encourage people to eat healthier.

Did You Know? V-8 Vegetable Juice is not just tomato juice. It includes 8 vegetables. One of them is Spinach.

Origin of Fresh Spinach Day:

We have not yet found the originator of this special day, or any historical reference to when it was started.


You Really Are What You Eat

Fresh Spinach Holiday
Fresh Spinach Holiday

Recent dietary research has uncovered 14 different nutrient-dense foods that time and again promote good overall health.  Coined “super foods,” they tend to have fewer calories, higher levels of vitamins and minerals, and many disease-fighting antioxidants.

Beans (legumes), berries (especially blueberries), broccoli, green tea, nuts (especially walnuts), oranges, pumpkin, salmon. soy, spinach, tomatoes, turkey, whole grains and oats, and yogurt can all help stop and even reverse diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and some forms of cancer. And where one might have an effect on a certain part of the body, it can also affect the health of other body functions and performance, since the whole body is connected.  With these 14 foods as the base of a balanced, solid diet, weight loss gimmicks and other fly-by-night programs can become a thing of the past in your life.

Conversely, the ill-effects of an unbalanced diet are several and varied. Low energy levels, mood swings, tired all the time, weight change, uncomfortable with body are just a few signs that your diet is unbalanced.  An unbalanced diet can cause problems with maintenance of body tissues, growth and development, brain and nervous system function, as well as problems with bone and muscle systems.

Symptoms of malnutrition include lack of energy, irritability, a weakened immune system leading to frequent colds or allergies, and mineral depletion that can trigger a variety of health concerns including anemia.

And since the body is connected, realizing that an unhealthy body will result in an unhealthy spirit only makes sense.  When we nourish our body with these superfoods and complement them with other nutrient-dense and healthy fresh foods, our spirit will be vitalized and healthy as a direct result.

Many modern diets based on prepackaged convenience foods are sorely lacking in many vitamins and minerals, which can affect our mental capacities as well, and cause irritability, confusion, and the feeling of ‘being in a fog’ all the time.

Super foods can be the basis of a sound, healthy, nutritious solution to curing many of these ailments and more.


Happy Bastille Holiday

Happy Bastille Holiday

Date When Celebrated : July 14 th

Bastille Day commemorates modern France and French democracy. Bastille Day is a French holiday. But, you can celebrate it, too.

Bastille Day symbolizes the end of the constitutional monarchy, and the beginning of the democratic republic of France. To Frenchmen, Bastille Day is viewed as their liberation.

Bastille Day is actually called Fete de la Federation. In France, it is a holiday that is celebrated with military parades.


Happy Bastille Day and “Vive la France!”


A Little (but not too much) Bastille Day History:
In the late 1700s, France was ruled by a king.

On July 14, 1789, there was an uprising against the constitutional monarchy, and the people stormed Bastille.

Bastille was actually a prison, and it was a symbol of the monarchy.

The goal was to create reconciliation for all of France, promote unity, and purse liberty from the monarchy.

This uprising ultimately led to the birth of democracy in France.

Fete de la Federation was first held on July 14, 1790, the first anniversary of the storming of the prison at Bastille


Everything You Need to Know About the Strasbourg International Airport

France is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the entire world. This is due to the fact that France is home to a number of beautiful cities. If you are planning on traveling to France, you will need to get there by air. To do so, you will have to find an international airport to use. If you are traveling from the United States, you will want to find an international airport that is located close to your home. When traveling to France, you will find that you also have a number of different international airport choices. One of those choices is the Strasbourg International Airport.

Like many other well known, international airports, the Strasbourg International Airport is home to a number of popular and well known airlines. One of those airlines is Air France. Air France regularly makes flights between France and the United States. Additional airlines that offer flights out of the Strasbourg International Airport, but not necessarily to the United States, include Austrian Airlines, Brit Air, Olympic Airlines, and Turkish Airlines. The previously mentioned airlines are just a few of the many that service this popular French airport.

Since the Strasbourg International Airport is an international airport, there are a number of air travel rules that passengers must follow. If you are traveling to or from the Strasbourg International Airport, you will find that the air travel rules that you must abide by are not only the French air travel rules, but the rules of country that you are coming from. For instance, if you are traveling to France from the United States, you will also have to follow all American air travel rules, such as the ban on liquids or the ban on sharp objects, in your carryon luggage.

Unlike most of the international airports in the United States, the Strasbourg International Airport has a relatively short check in time. In the United States, most airports recommend that their passengers arrive at least two hours before their flight is scheduled to take off. For international flights, the Strasbourg International Airport requests that you arrive, at least, thirty minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart. However, that does not mean that you should wait until the last minute. If you are unfamiliar with the Strasbourg International Airport it would be wise to give yourself time.

The Strasbourg International Airport, although popular, is a fairly small sized airport. For that reason, you will find a limited number of shops and restaurants. Currently, the Strasbourg International Airport is home to six restaurants and bars and three retail shopping stores. Although these numbers are fairly small, when compared to most other international airports, you will find everything that you need at these shops and restaurants.

If you are vacationing in France, you will find that once you arrive at the airport or even when you want to leave, you will have a number of different transportation options. There is a train that regularly runs from Entzheim to Strasbourg. It is said that the train arrives within a short walking distance from the airport. If you were looking for a direct pickup or drop-off, you will find that the airport has a bus shuttle service and tram service.

In addition to the above mentioned retail stores and eateries, you will find that the Strasbourg International Airport provides travelers with even more. If you are traveling with children, your children will likely enjoy the Europa Park. The Europa Park is an onsite and indoor playground for kids. While your children are enjoying the playground, you could be reading the news online or checking your email. This is because the Strasbourg International Airport is now setup with wireless internet. As long as your laptop or PDA system is able to work wirelessly, you should be able to use it while waiting to board your flight.

In the event that you are looking for more information on the Strasbourg International Airport, you can easily find it by visiting their online website.


Embrace Your Geekness Holiday

Embrace Your Geekness Holiday

Date When Celebrated : July 13 th

Embrace Your Geekness Day is a great day to be a Geek. Or, to know a Geek.

A geek is an individual who is highly intelligent, brainy and technically oriented. Geeks are at home in the world of computers, and computer systems. A geek is usually formal, studious and into his or her technical environment, often to the exclusion of all else.

Embrace Your Geekness Holiday
Embrace Your Geekness Holiday

A geek is closely related to a “Nerd”. A nerd however, may or may not possess technical expertise.

Some people view the term “Geek” with a negative connotation. Are they jealous of your knowledge and skills? We certainly think so.

Enjoy Embrace Your Geekness Day to the fullest. Spend plenty of time with your computer. Talk computer lingo and jargon. If you are a geek, stand tall and proud. Isn’t it great to be so brilliant and gifted!?


Do opposites attract?
by Rion Williams

This question seems like a more 50-50 relationship approach question because it really is. But I want to look at it from a few other angles here for you.
This is a question in which women would probably be interested in as well (falling into the expected 50-50 relationship dynamic).
Is a woman going to say she’s going to sleep with a guy on the first date? No. If the right guy comes along who understands how to create natural attraction will she? A very good chance. With what I teach you, things are never a dependency so you can take her or leave her and you really don’t care. Why? Because you are a great catch and have your life going on (and can easily please yourself).
The ironic thing is this will be the thing that attracts her the most to you because you are unlike any other man and you are playing your natural biological role of being the one with selection and choice.
There is much less left to chance but you can not be dependent on any outcome. You really have to be indifferent and show her you are not over interested because you are really not. You are deeper than skin deep and you know that she probably WOULD not be able to get enough of you once she gets to know you. You know that other women want you you can have women at any time you want.
You are a man who is leading your own lifestyle and her energy no matter (how beautiful she is) is not going to throw you off track even for a moment. This is irresistible especially to beautiful and intelligent women. Why is this so? Because all of the other men are acting like (pussy) whipped men and not being natural anymore.
So do opposites attract? If you look at it from the perspective of a man being a man and a woman being a woman then usually yes they do attract. Opposites have to attract because men and men cannot reproduce neither women and women. Unfortunately (depending on your view) too many men have too many feminine characteristics and most of our women have many masculine traditional characteristics which has completely thrown the balance off.
Now I am not saying that you have to be the Marlboro man and not be interested in anything that women might be (there are so many cross-gender areas of interest such as fashion, sports, etc.), but because of our society and it’s derivations, many people are more influenced by the other sex than used to be.
You need to learn how to cut through all of this other crap and reach through to the biological ‘schoolgirl’ inside of her. Despite the way it looks that she may like the attention and power that she gets, a beautiful woman ultimately resents this when it comes to meeting men because she always finds she attracts jerks because they are the closest thing she can find to a real man. Even a rich boring suitor often doesn’t fulfill her sexual and internal desires.
If you can just be a real man by being yourself and being unconcerned with her drama for a short-term relationship she will most likely be magnetized to you and will not be able to get enough of you. The tables will of turned back to their proper alignment.
What would happen in history if women had the power instead of men? Well most of us probably would not be here today because most of the men would have been 70 year-old virgins if that were the case. That is a very profound thought that you might want to think about for a while. What if the opposites sexes didn’t attract or the power balance was thrown off in nature so that reproduction was far less likely?!
Do opposites attract in personality types?
You can try and figure everything you want to about the type of woman you would want to have in a 50-50 or dating relationship. But if she is so independent, opinionated, developed and mature, you’re not going to find she has the same interests as you so you’re just going to have to deal with that. Your ‘idea’ of who she was will be quite different than the reality. You might like cats and she can’t stand them (etc.)
You’re also going to have to deal with the fact that she is an independent woman which means you’re going to have a power struggle throughout your entire relationship whether spoken are not.
And at some point, I guarantee you it will become spoken because American marriages contain so much resentment on a woman’s part when a man is really just ending up being himself, her resentment grows and she starts to nag and demand many things. Why? She is forced into her traditional role yet however, today’s women aren’t that simple or traditional anymore.
This is just part of her nature and you are going to have to deal with it or figure out how to resolve your differences because they will keep coming up again. I am just going to leave this to relationship counselors and divorce counselors to deal with. There are many advantages to powerful, independent women but many disadvantages (esp. in longer term relationships) as well.
When it comes to initial attraction, hey I’m not too picky and not even really concerned what a woman’s interests are as long as were both interested in each other physically, then there you go. Maybe you feel this way as well if you are not interested in a long-term relationship with her.
We try to figure out what kind of interest the other person one have; both men and women do this. We will put expectations on the other person of what we think we want in a partner before we even meet them. Is this selfish or not?
I have found that traditional and beautiful women around the world will be more open to a relationship by finding out what the man is really like instead of trying to force a paradigm of what they think he should be on him.
Sure it is nice to daydream about what we would like in a woman, but then reality sets in when you realize that she is more interested in different things than you thought she would be or that you wanted her to be in.
I’ve gone through this many times and have found out that different American women were very developed in their ways and very hard minded. Have you noticed this in your past?! These are characteristics of a man traditionally and is part of why the balance has been thrown off. But it is part of what we have to accept, or do we?
It is up to you to decide what kind of relationships you want to have. Why limit yourself just to American women? Just having that thought alone when you realize that you can have millions of other women around the world that would be interested in you and would let you ‘be yourself’ can be mind-opening.
They wouldn’t give you the kind of drama that American women would, this alone will give you more power. And I do not say this from a frustrated ‘last chance’ point of view.
I really respect women around the world because I am natural with them and they are natural with me and they actually have more to offer than you may realize. It is actually a relief to be around them because they don’t bring superficial drama or demands to the table like American women do. They may be simpler, but they can let you naturally be yourself without dragging you down.
Understand you should respect all women but that doesn’t mean you let them cross your own definition or boundary of respect and independence.
Past the hard edged social persona you’ll find that most of these women are interesting, intelligent, dorky and goofy as well as fun, naughty and nice. Britney Spears embodies this.
I understand her maybe because we have the same birthday, but I relate with celebrities who have developed a ‘supercool’ or ‘sexy’ social persona but are really quite fun, dorky and sometimes geeky. Many people don’t realize that a lot of these people, there’s more to them beneath the surface.
With hot women, you want to uhh..get beneath the surface of their social persona to find out what kind of person they really are. If you just don’t even acknowledge their social persona and don’t let the drama interfere with you just being you, they’ll be impressed and respect you a lot more than the average confused wussy.
You can look at opposites attract from different angles. You know you are naturally interested in women in general (and they all have the same biological functions) so that may be opposite enough for you. Be open to what kind of personality types you would want for the long term after experience many relationships to find out for yourself; it’s up to you. Be a man and she can be a woman and let the sparks of attraction fly.