Happy Mutt’s Holiday

Happy Mutt’s Holiday

Date When Celebrated : July 31 st

It’s Mutt’s Day.  Mutts deserve their day in the spotlight, as much as a pure breed. If you own a mutt, or you are a mutt (reading this), then you know this day is for you.

By definition a mutt, sometimes called a “Half-breed”, is a dog that is of mixed breed.  They come from two to several breeds. Purebred owners

Happy Mutt's Holiday
Happy Mutt’s Holiday

, and sometimes the public in general, view them as lesser in many ways. Mutt owners know better. They value the diversity and uniqueness of their mutts. Sure, a mutt doesn’t carry the expensive price tag that a purebred with papers has on its head. To the mutt owner, however, the mutt is invaluable. In addition, mutts don’t walk around needing to prove anything. You won’t see them strutting around any dog shows trying to prove they are the best.

To all mutts and and mutt owners, we hope you thoroughly enjoy Mutt’s Day. Spend the day relaxing and doing all the things you and your dog like to do. Do so with both of your chins held high. For your mutt is worth a million bucks!

The Origin of Mutt’s Day:

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day.


Happy Father-in-Law Holiday

Happy Father-in-Law Holiday


Date When Celebrated : Always July 30 th

Father-In-Law Day honors your loving, funny, and cheerful father-in-law. Okay, so perhaps sometimes he is a little grumpy and intimidating. Regardless of his personality and charms, this day is dedicated to your spouse’s Dad. And, he certainly deserves a little recognition.

Happy Father-in-Law Holiday
Happy Father-in-Law Holiday

Good ways to celebrate this day are to send him a card, spend a little time with him, or give him his favorite snack.

Important note: If you gave your Father-In-Law recognition on Father’s Day, it’s okay to give him a little recognition and a show of appreciation today, too.

Origin of Father-In-Law Day:
Like it’s counterpart …Mother-In-Law Day…. we suspect that Father-In-Law Day was also created by the card companies, most likely the Ecard companies.


We All Need A Father Figure To Lean On
by Geela

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Life which is soon past, only what’s done with love will last.’
When I think of the ultimate father figure I think of the extraordinary paternal love and devotion of the Biblical King David for his son Absalom even when his son turned against him and attempted to kill him. As eloquently expressed by King David, when he wept over the death of his son, “Absalom, my dear son, oh how I wish I could trade places with you!”
Practically in all human affairs, and even in organized religion where God is viewed and revered as the ultimate father figure, fathers have played a central role in the drama of our lives. With a clearly defined role as the bread winner, the disciplinarian, the ultimate family authority, there was no doubt that fathers were the kings of their own castles and therefore demanded respect. Interestingly, of all the Ten Commandments, the one commandment that is emphasized the most is “Honor thy father and mother,” and not so much out of a sense of sentimentality, but rather necessity. It was based on the recognition of the major role that parents played in the child’s life and the life- long impact on shaping their life and influencing the choices they made not to mention their relationship with people particularly with the opposite sex.
Fathers were traditionally regarded as pillars of strength which provided the safety net to support and preserve the family unit. But those days of taking the time to mentor an offspring as a way of preparing children for the real world, are long gone. Instead, the role of the emerging father figure has almost been reduced to “a human ATM.” That’s because in a “more is better” culture, where the focus has shifted from wholesome values such as family and community to the pursuit of material success, the result is invariably an erosion of morality, growing social ills and the break down of the family system. Take for example the phenomenon of the growing senseless violence in our schools and on our streets (or the growing teenage suicide). It’s symptomatic of the vacuum created in our children when the two most important people in their lives (mom and dad) get divorced and/or when they are left home alone growing up with either the TV or their peers or gangs, and without a father figure in particular. In essence, it’s a cry for help, for love, for direction of how to survive and thrive in the jungles of life from someone they can lean on and look up to. They are looking for someone who is committed to giving them roots to grow and wings to fly and never desert them no matter what. In other words, it’s a cry for a true father figure, the ultimate role model.
Contrary to popular belief, what children need the most (but get the least) is not material gifts but rather something far more precious – something that many parents simply are either unaware of or are too drained both physically and mentally to give, namely, the gift of time and mentoring. But whether the newly evolved father figure is the “quiet storm” type or not, is not that important. What’s really important is the valuable contribution that fathers make to our lives which cannot and should not be ignored. They deserve a special place in our hearts with deep respect and true appreciation for helping shape our lives, keeping us grounded and centered and by adding another dimension to our lives. In short, good fathers make us feel whole.
It seems like no matter how old, independent and/or successful we get, the need for a father figure to lean on, especially during challenging times, continues to intensify. Perhaps it’s a built- in divine thing to remind us of the ultimate father figure that is never subject to change and is always there for us with infinite love and patience, guidance, and forgiveness – who is simply known as God. All we have to do is recognize it and appreciate the many contributions He has made to our lives just like our earthly fathers.
And since a gene for being a good father hasn’t been discovered yet and there is no known User’s Manual for how to become a good father – being a good father is simply a matter of skill and an art form that can actually be learned. All it takes is only a lifetime of dedication and commitment and a lot of practice with infinite willingness to forgive not just your child but yourself for “dropping the ball” now and then. Indeed, being a father figure comes with great responsibility and commitment. However, it is the matching rewards, like no other, that makes it all worthwhile. After all, what could be sweeter than hearing the words:

“Dad, you are my hero!”





Happy Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Holiday

Happy Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Holiday

Date When Celebrated : July 27 th

Here’s an opportunity for you to bond with your houseplants. Like other houseplant owners, I’m sure you want to provide your houseplants with the very best plant care.

Happy Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Holiday
Happy Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Holiday

Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day is a great day for you and your houseplants to get some exercise. It will be good for them. It will allow you to bond with your plants, helping them to reach their maximum potential. Along the way, you can get your houseplant accustomed to your neighborhood!?

Note: if your plant is too big to carry, you can walk the in a stroller. They will just love the ride!

Did You Know? Bonding with your plants helps them to be the very best plants that they can be. In addition to taking them for a walk, to can bond with your houseplants by talking to them, or playing encouraging music. See Bonding with You Plants

The Origin of Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day:
Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day is a copyrighted holiday. It was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy, and is provided, courtesy of the great folks at Wellcat.com

If you like Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Hoo Day, you will also enjoy all the wild and crazy holidays in Chase’s Annual Events with CDROM

Note: Some internet sites erroneously report this as a “National” day. The creators did not make this a national day, nor did they seek recognition from the U.S. congress to make it so.


Happy Thread the Needle Holiday

Happy Thread the Needle Holiday

Date When Celebrated : July 25 th

Today is Thread the Needle Day. You can be certain that today is going to be a great day…….. if your sew.

Happy Thread the Needle Holiday
Happy Thread the Needle Holiday

Thread the Needle Day certainly is a day for those who sew. It also has a second meaning. The term “thread the needle”, is also a saying. It means to either walk a fine and difficult line between two things or issues, or to do something difficult. For example, suppose two of your friends are on opposite sides of an issue. You may have to “thread the needle” on that issue, as you attempt to retain both of them as your friend.

The creator of Thread the Needle Day did not document this day. So, until we find him or her, you can celebrate today by either sewing or threading the needle on issues.


The Origin of Thread the Needle Day:
Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day.


Patterns For Plus Size Children
by Sarah J Doyle

Plus size children and overweight children need patterns and clothing that fit THEIR “larger than average” measurements. Sadly, neither ready made clothing nor commercial patterns address the real issue of children’s measurements.
After interviewing countless dozens of mothers, grandmothers, and sewing professionals who are trying to get clothing and patterns to fit plus size children properly, the stories all echo each other and the disappointment is the same for all.
The same frustration was repeated to me by a friend who has a 9 year old daughter with a 36″ chest, 34″ tummy and 38″ hips. The pattern size that came closest to the chest, tummy and hip measurement was a 16 Plus, which didn’t fit anywhere else!
We all know that an extra chubby 9 year old would not be as tall as a 16 year old, nor have arms or shoulders the size of a 16 year old.
Sarah J Doyle, a pattern maker, author and instructor for over 30 years is introducing a line of clothing patterns for plus size children, PSC Patterns, that will be designed and made from REAL measurements of REAL plus size and overweight children.
If you would like to have your plus size child or grandchild’s measurements included in the pattern sizing in order that the patterns will fit the child for size as well as for age, we’d like to invite you to complete and return the “measurement chart” at http://PlusSizeChildren.com/measure.htm. Statistics have indicated that nearly nine million American children are categorized as “overweight”. Overweight children want “trendy” clothes that fit properly and will also flatter their figure and we want to do what we can to help.
Something to think about when buying a pattern and fabric for clothing for a plus size child is what the “appearance” of the finished garment will look like. For example:

Dresses with several rows of elastic sewn at the waistline will appear to thicken the waist and shorten the height, while semi-fitted dresses with vertical line designs and A-line skirts will give a thinner and taller appearance.
Solid colors and vertical lines will heighten the body, while contrasting colors in tops and skirts, as well as big bold prints will shorten it.
Waists seem to expand with wide or conspicuous belts or buckles.
Hips will seem to increase in girth with tight or full skirts. The A-lines or princess style skirts will create a more slimming appearance.


Your garage as a workshop

Your garage as a workshop

Why do you need a heater for your remodeled garage?
The answer for this question is pretty obvious: one of the
major disadvantages of using your garage as a workshop
or a home office is that it wasn’t meant for that. The
garage is the special place reserved for your car, the
garage is the room where you keep your lawn and garden

Your garage as a workshop
Your garage as a workshop

If you start using this space for other projects that you
have, you need to deal with one of the major
inconveniences, that is warmth. During the summer you
don’t have to worry too much about this but during cold
seasons you might find some difficulties in continuing
your project because of the very low temperature.

You can find many ways to warm up your workshop-
garage. You can try one of the porcelain heaters; they
work great and can warm up a good area but they are not
meant to warm a large space for a long time.

Another solution for you would be to use a kerosene
heater. These heaters are easy to turn on, most of them
have an electric starter. It should have a thermostat to be
able to regulate the temperature also they have a specific
scent, they do function on kerosene! So if you think you
cannot handle this smell, a kerosene heater wouldn’t be a
good choice for you. They are quite dangerous for your
children, if they have access to the garage and you would
definitely want to ventilate very well the garage!

A very good and popular choice nowadays is a gas heater.
Of course you have to hire a professional to install it. You
can find a gas heater suited to your budget for remodeling
the garage. There are many models and almost all of them
are fairly inexpensive. The main advantage of a gas
heater is that it gives you a consistently warm
environment. They are available in both manual and
thermostatic control types. You would probably prefer a
model that has a thermostat, even though its price is a
little higher than the price of a manual temperature
control model. The only thing that you have to do is to set
it on a desired temperature and leave it to do its job.

There are two types of gas heaters: vented and vent less.
The vent less unit uses air from the room and the vented
model has a system that vents directly out of the garage.
The disadvantage of the vent less model is that you have
to keep the room vented at all times because the unit uses
the air from the room where it has been installed. The
main advantage for the both types of gas heaters is that
they have a pretty low running cost compared to the
kerosene and electric heaters.

Remember that if you choose to install a more advanced
heating system like a gas heater, you must ask for a
professional’s help.


You’re Retired, Now What?

by Kyle Thomas
For years you’ve lived in that sprawling house where you raised your children . . . it’s home. But now you don’t need all the space and the upkeep is becoming more difficult every year. You now have to consider things that weren’t issues before. When you were younger, you never thought about how many times a day you went up and down the stairs. You didn’t mind having the bedroom upstairs and the laundry facilities in the basement. Now, all those steps are taking their toll.Washing windows isn’t as easy as it was before either, is it? Climbing an extension ladder to reach the second story becomes a bit scarier with each passing year. As you age, you become more concerned about falling.You may be thinking it’s finally time to move into a home that’s a bit more senior-friendly, but what are your options?• Smaller, single level houses• Condominiums• Apartments• Retirement communities• Assisted living facilitiesLet’s take a more detailed look at these options:Smaller homes built on one level with convenient laundry facilities may be what you need. Look for a house that requires little outside maintenance. A brick or vinyl-sided house won’t require painting. An open floor plan may be helpful if you’re ever confined to a wheelchair. A smaller yard allows you to garden but still keeps the yard work to a minimum. An attached garage is a helpful feature, especially in the winter when icy sidewalks can cause falls. Of course, finding a location that’s close to shopping, public transportation and medical facilities is also important.Condominiums provide privacy without a lot of maintenance.Like individual houses, there are many different types of condominiums from which to choose. The main advantage of a condo is that outside maintenance of both the structure and the yard is usually provided. Most condos include a small area where you can plant flowers but the lawn and other common areas are maintained by the association. There are additional fees for this mandatory service so be sure to find out if they will fit into your budget.Apartments require no maintenance.One of the main advantages of apartment living is that you aren’t responsible for any maintenance. You don’t have to worry about painting, replacing major appliances or yard work. Apartments also give you a certain degree of freedom because you don’t have to worry about them if you travel a lot. It’s important for laundry facilities to be easily accessible and that there is an elevator if your apartment is to be on a higher floor. You won’t have as much privacy and your only personal outdoor space may be limited to a small patio or balcony, if that. Rent is likely to increase and is not tax deductible on your Federal returns.Retirement communities or assisted living facilities give you the highest level of security. Both of these options are specifically designed for seniors and offer many safety features not found in regular housing. The amount of privacy you have depends on which community you choose. Your medical condition will usually dictate whether a retirement community or assisted living facility is your best choice. Some retirement communities offer private living space, much like individual homes, as long as you’re healthy and then provides assisted living if your health deteriorates. Giving up the home where you’ve lived for many, many years may seem a little scary. But, often a new home that brings less responsibility and greater peace of mind will make you feel years younger.


Happy Tell a Joke Holiday

Happy Tell a Joke Holiday

Date When Celebrated:

Tell an Old Joke Day is always July 24

National Tell a Joke Day is always August

Let’s get serious now. We are not kidding. Tell an Old Joke Day and National Tell a Joke Day are real laughers. We hope your day is filled with chuckles and laughs.

No doubt about it. Today, will be a fun-filled day, with lots of laughter. To fully participate and enjoy this day, just tell some jokes. You can do it in person, or pass along a few humorous emails. That’s easy enough to do. The more jokes you tell, the more fun this day will be. We also encourage you to listen to many jokes today. Everybody is getting into the act, and in order to tell a joke, someone has to be present to listen to the joke”.

Happy Tell a Joke Holiday
Happy Tell a Joke Holiday

The only difference between these two special holidays, is that on Tell an Old Joke Day, you should tell old jokes. The logic behind this, is to keep old jokes from fading away. If they were once funny, they will still produce a laugh. On National Tell a Joke Day you can tell a new joke, or an old one.


Origin of Tell an Old Joke Day and National Tell a Joke Day:
Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of either days

We did not find any documentation confirming this to be a “National” day. We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation.

Flower of the Day: Lily of the Valley
Recipe of the Day: Grilled Eggplant


Enlightenment Your 7 days program to Positive thinking

I’m sure you have a bright idea hidden somewhere in the back of your mind that you just can’t wait to test out. Of course you’re not the only one with the bright idea. So what motivates you to churn those creative, or even inspiring juices to its utmost flavor?

It’s always best to set up a personal goal where you can accomplish the most in record time, maybe like mowing the lawn in an hour before the big game on TV. A correct and positive attitude in whatever you do will make things easier, and even enjoyable.

Here are some tips to make it through the week even if you’re just sitting in your favorite couch. An idea takes time to form in your head and is always at work while you are busy sitting.

Having a bit of positive thinking can help you realize things that are never thought possible. Thinking big is indeed the American Way and that what made our country prosperous.

1. Take passionate action towards living your life by design. Talk is cheap. Action = deposits in the bank of a passionately authentic future. Without it, passion is void.

This is a perfect example where dreams are made of where you start by tinkering with your mind, then with your hands. And if the idea weakens, you can always go back to it later until you finish it.

2. Commit to yourself as well as those you love to create powerfully a life you can love. Instead of reacting, commit to creating from your heart and soul, out of love rather than fear. The American Dream will always be there, but a dream will still be a dream without motion. Be amazed as the transformation begins.

3. Recognize and embrace the thought that each moment is perfect regardless of its outcome. Every time you hit on something that may appear too extreme, why not give it a shot and see if it will work. You will be surprised to see of there are other ways to get the task done in time. If you are not pleased with the outcome, decide to use that moment to learn from and make the appropriate shift.

4. Dwell completely in a place of gratitude. Learn to utilize what you have in your hands and make use of it in the most constructive way. Slipping into neediness will become less of a habit when you repeatedly shift towards gratitude, away from poverty consciousness.

5. Use a Passion Formula of Recognize/Reevaluate/Restore in place of the Shoulda/Woulda/Coulda whirlwind. The former is based in increased knowledge and abundance while the latter focuses on scarcity and lack. As you face people or tasks that may seem harder than scaling the summit of the Himalayas, allow yourself to realize that the task is just as important as giving out orders to your subordinates. You would rather be richly passionate!

6. Keep humor at the forefront of thought, laughing at and with yourself when possible. You may find yourself quite entertaining when you loosen up! I am yet to see a comedian ever go hungry even though his jokes are as ‘old as great-grandma’. Life has so much to offer to allow you to mope around in self pity. Humor is very attractive, very passionate: life-giving.

7. Believe that you are the architect of your destiny. No one can take your passionate future from you except for you! Create your life authentically. As long as there’s still breath in your body, there is no end to how much you can accomplish in a lifetime. The concept of thinking big is all about enjoying your work, which would lead to celebrate a discovery that is born within your hands. Watch everything flow into place with perfect, passionate precision.

It’s interesting how people get wallowed up by something trivial as learning to use a computer, when nowadays that top computer companies are manufacturing software that even the kids can do it. I don’t mean to be condescending, but that’s the idea of not having any positive thinking in your life-you’ll just end up as a dim bulb in a dark corner. So instead of subjecting yourself to what you will be doomed for, make your path by taking the first step with a positive attitude.


Woodworkers Gift Basket Idea

Woodworkers Gift Basket Idea



Wooden Window Shutters

Almost all wooden shutters are constructed from a
solid hardwood. This helps to give the shutters
the necessary stability for daily usage. Windows
can be a naturally harsh environment, with direct
sunlight, fluctuating humidity, and the rapid
change in temperature.

All types of wooden shutters can withstand all of
these types of conditions. Wooden shutters are
constructed to withstand harsh climates from the
intense heat and sun of the tropics to the
intense cold of the North. Keep in mind, not all
shutters are created equally, as the selection
of wood, types of joints, and overall design will
determine the quality of the ending product.

In the overall structure of a wooden shutter, the
type of wood is very important. All wood is
chosen based on durability, weight, straightness,
length, and overall finishing qualities. Basswood
is one of the best examples, as it builds an
exceptional shutter. Basswood also ranks high
in just above every characteristic you could
possibly imagine.

The joints of the wood will need to be solid and
strong in order to create a long lasting wood
shutter. Finger joints are also important, as
they connect two shorter lengths of wood. The
finger joints show through the finish of a
painted shutter and may look poor from the
start for a stained wood shutter.

Woodworkers Gift Basket Idea
Woodworkers Gift Basket Idea

Having strong joints between stiles and rails
will prevent the two components from separating
or tearing apart. The joints should be glued
and dowled for the strongest bond and the
best overall performance.

By purchasing wooden shutters, you’ll get
quality shutters at a great price. Before you
buy, do your research on the company and make
sure that they know what they are doing. If you
buy from a reputable seller, you’ll get
everything you need for excellent wooden shutters,
and instructions on how to install them yourself
if you wish.

Woodworkers Gift Basket Idea

Fill a basket or rubber/plastic box with:

  • ~ assorted sand papers
  • ~ chisels
  • ~ router bits
  • ~ saw blades
  • ~ files
  • ~ varnishes
  • ~ brushes
  • ~ paints
  • ~ patterns and/or instructions




Happy National Junk Food Holiday

Happy National Junk Food Holiday


Date When Celebrated : Always July 21 st

For some of us, every day is Junk Food Day. For the rest of us, National Junk Food Day is an opportunity to guiltlessly eat your favorite junk food.

Happy National Junk Food Holiday
Happy National Junk Food Holiday

Dietitians will tell you that junk food is any food that contains little nutritional value. We also include foods that are high in salts, fats, and sugars. In other words, junk food is all that tasty stuff that the dietitians, and Mom, say is bad for us.

On Junk Food Day, you get to eat anything you want. Eat any amounts that you want, too. Tomorrow, however, it’s back to a healthy diet.

Please Note: Junk food may be hazardous to your health. After all, mom knows what’s best for you. Do so at your own risk. That risk includes Mom saying: “I told you so!”


Origin of National Junk Food Day:
Our research found lots of information on what is and what isn’t junk food. We found no information on the origin of this day. It was most likely created by a diet conscious individual or group who desired to eat junk food, without guilt, at least one day a year.

Creating an official “National” day requires an Act of Congress. We found no record of this. While Congress may be accused of going on occasional junkets, we don’t believe they would support junk food.



Can you feed your children raw food?

Every mother wants the best for her child. You want your child to look healthy, grow proportionately, feel energized and have a great immune system. So, why do most parents in America feed their children junk food by the time they start eating table food? Why do most restaurants serve French fries or macaroni and cheese for side orders and not steamed broccoli? It is really a sad situation to watch young children who are obese. Even schools offer peanut butter and jelly or ice cream for lunch.

To ensure that your child is eating correctly you must feed them plenty of fruits and vegetables. But the trick is to make it delicious and fun. For instance, for breakfast, arrange a platter of fruit, oranges, grapefruit, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, they will love it! Make faces out of the fruit. Have them drink only water and no sugar 100% fruit juice that you juice yourself. Get them used to eating vegetables that are uncooked. Whenever they get hungry, offer small baby carrots, or celery, they will grow to love the taste just the way it is. You can introduce a new vegetable each week and learn how to hide it into your food. For instance, chop up Portobello mushrooms in a chopper and add it to your pasta sauce and watch them gobble it up, barely noticing the mushrooms. Make blanched broccoli (plain) and eat that for dinner. If they see you eating healthy, they will learn early on to eat that way. Do not let them eat packaged foods, such as macaroni and cheese, or fried chicken fingers, or anything fried for that matter. Make sure that they eat vegetables at every meal and be careful when you go out to eat.

Offer natural desserts that you have made at home, such as homemade sorbet, or fruit smoothie, or peach cobbler pie (all natural). Stay away from cakes, cookies, etc that have preservatives and other unnatural flavorings. Make it yourself and offer it occasionally. You will find that they watch you and what you eat and if you incorporate a much healthier menu, so will they.

The best part of raising your children to learn to love fruits and vegetables is that you will notice that they will turn down junk food when you are not around. At that point you will know that you have done your part in raising healthy adults.



Tofu For Baby

Tofu For Baby


Tofu For Baby – Discover How This Amazing Food Can Benefit Your Baby’s Diet
by Christine Albury

Tofu – that’s just for vegetarians, right?


Tofu is a highly nutritious food that, rather than being
seen as just an alternative to meat, should be included in
your baby’s diet on its own merits!

Tofu For Baby - Discover How This Amazing Food Can Benefit Your Baby's Diet
Tofu For Baby – Discover How This Amazing Food Can Benefit Your Baby’s Diet

Tofu is part of the legume family. It is fermented soymilk
curd – the process by which it is made compares to the way
that cheese is made from milk. Tofu is a rich source of
protein, calcium, iron, fibre and fatty acids – key
components for good nutrition.

There are two basic types of tofu – hard/firm tofu, often
used in recipes that needs a consistency which holds
together well – and soft or silken tofu, generally used for
desserts, smoothies, soups and sauces.

Fresh tofu has a sweet aroma when opened – any sour odour
would indicate that it is stale and should not be used for
your baby. It will keep for seven days in the refrigerator
and should be placed in an airtight container of water. It
is, however, essential that the water is changed on a daily
basis. Tofu does not freeze particularly well – upon
defrosting it becomes somewhat spongy in texture and appears

You can introduce this versatile and healthy food to your
baby once he/she is at least 8 months of age. (It is
important, however, to be aware that soy is a potential
allergen. When introducing it to your baby for the very
first time, watch carefully for any signs of an allergic
reaction. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stuffy or runny
nose, watery or red eyes and wheezing. Should you ever
suspect your baby is allergic to a particular type of food,
then contact a medical professional immediately).

It is very easy to incorporate tofu into your baby’s diet
because it has very little taste of its own. Instead, it
absorbs the flavours of any foods it comes into contact

Initially, you could try blending tofu with cottage cheese
or avocado, for a simple, nutritious meal. Soft tofu creamed
with fruit would make a delicious dessert for baby.
Alternatively, tofu can be cut into chunks and served to
your baby raw, as a healthy finger food.

Taking into account tofu’s extensive nutritional properties,
along with its versatility, it would clearly provide a very
worthwhile boost to most babies’ diets.


Success at Work Taking Initiative

Success at Work Taking Initiative
by Stephen Bucaro

Do you have to constantly nag at your kids to do things? Why can’t they clean up their mess and get ready for school without being told? Now think about your boss at work. Does your boss always have to tell you what to do. Does your boss have to treat you like a child, or do you take initiative?

Success at Work Taking Initiative
Success at Work Taking Initiative

Employees who need to be told what to do are said to be “reactive”. They do something only after the boss tells them to, or after the need to do something has been pointed out to them.
Employees who do what has to be done and solve problems before they arise are said to be “proactive”. Bosses like employees that are proactive and willing to take initiative.
There are many advantages to taking initiative at work:
– By taking initiative you’ll gain skills and learn more about your company and the market it serves.
– You’ll be less bored at work because you won’t be stuck in the same old routine.
But before we learn more of the advantages, let’s consider some of the dangers of taking initiative at work.
– Is the problem within your area of responsibility? By taking initiative with a problem that is outside your area of responsibility you could be trespassing on some else’s turf. Before taking on a task outside your normal area of responsibility you should find out who’s responsibility it is and involve that person.
If a fellow employee is swamped with work and you are facing a lull in work, ask them if you can help. But don’t assume they will welcome your help. Some workers think greater job security is achieved by being behind in their work. They may feel that you are threatening their job security.
– By taking on an additional task, will your boss think you don’t have enough work to do and you’re looking for more? If this is a possibility, make sure your boss understands that the lull in your work is only temporary, or that you’re taking on the extra task to avoid boredom and learn something new. If you’re not careful, the extra task could become part of your job.
– Consider your company’s culture in handling failure. Is it a “cover your ass” organization where people try to distract attention from their own failures by trying to focus attention on their coworkers failures? Has the company reprimanded workers who took initiative and failed in the past?
A company that punishes failure will stifle initiative and innovation. Workers won’t want to do anything new for fear failure. If a company wants to increase initiative and innovation, they have to reward effort and embrace failure.
Despite these dangers, the rewards of taking initiative are great:
– You’ll gain skills and knowledge about your company and the market it serves, making you a more valuable employee. When the economy recedes and the company needs to layoff workers, who do you think they’ll keep? The individual who is more versatile in the different functions of the organization.
– You’ll achieve more independence when you demonstrate that you have the organizations interests in mind and that they can trust your judgment in solving problems.
– You’ll gain skills and market knowledge that will make you a more valuable commodity in the labor market. Workers who only do their own little job are not aware of opportunities outside their company.
There are dangers in taking initiative at work, but in an organization with a healthy culture, the the rewards of taking initiative are great.