100 Reasons Why I Love You

100 Reasons Why I Love You 

100 Reasons Why I Love You

1. Your loyalty to me and everyone or everything that matters to you
2.      Your compassion for everyone around you
3.      Your selflessness
4.      Your integrity
5.      Your strength
6.      Your devotion
7.      How you are always 100% honest no matter what
8.      Your kindness
9.      The way you always try to help others
10.    How you always stand up for what you believe in
11.    Your generosity
12.    Your confidence
13.    The way that you always look for and find the positive in everything
14.    Your optimism
15.    The fact that you know exactly where you are going in life and will do whatever it takes to get there
16.    Your courage even in the face of adversity
17.    Your boldness
18.    Your gentleness with me
19.    How you are always understanding with me even when I don’t deserve it
20.    How much you and I share in common together about everything
21.    How you always can make me laugh or smile even at times when I don’t want to your zaniness
23.    The fact that you refuse to ever completely grow up
24.    Your crazy voices, sounds, and imitations
25.    How you are always kind to animals
26.    The fact that you aren’t afraid to cry
27.    How you always help me when I need or ask you to and sometimes even when I don’t ask
28.    How you are always concerned about me and my well-being
29.    The way you hold me
30.    The way you liven up a room just by being in it
31.    How much you’ve taught me about life and myself
32.    Your intelligence
33.    The fact that you are good at fixing things or putting things together by hand
34.    Your zest for life
35.    Your electronic and technology savvy
36.    Your excellent people skills
37.    Your amazing voice
38.    Your awesome hair
39.    Your craziness
40.    Your incredible green eyes
41.    Your strong hands
42.    Your love of life
43.    Your uncompromising belief in God and family
44.    The fact that you would make the best father anyone could ever ask for or hope to have
45.    The way you walk
46.    The way you talk
47.    Your wackiness
48.    The fact that there is nobody else in the world like you and nobody will ever come close
49.    Your vast knowledge about everything
50.    How you are always good at everything
51.    The annoying fact that you are right 90+% of the time
52.    The amazing new experiences
 that I’ve shared for the first time with you and only you
53.    The way you make me feel about myself
54.    How you always tell me and show me everyday how much you love me
55.    How you don’t mind holding my hand or showing me affection even in public
56.    How you sometimes give up things you’ve wanted just for my benefit
57.    The way you kiss me and touch me
58.    The fact that you were willing to take a chance on me
59.    The way you always encourage and believe in me
60.    Your faithfulness
61.    Your true sense of honor
62.    The fact that you know how to be a real man
63.    The sweet gifts you’ve given to me
64.    The heart-touching things you’ve done for me and my girls
65.    The way you’ve opened up your heart and life to me
66.    The fact that I learn new amazing things about you everyday
67.    The way you look at me that makes me melt inside
68.    The love you’ve always shown me
69.    The way you always say awesome things about me to other people
70.    How much excitement
 you bring into my life everyday
71.    How you always bring out the best in me
72.    How you never take life for granted
73.    The way you always inspire me
74.    The fact that you are as much of a dreamer as me
75.    The fact that you are without a doubt my true soul mate
76.    The way that you know how to not take life too seriously and live for the moment
77.    The fact that you are the first and only person I’ve loved the way I do and the first person who ever truly loved me
78.    How forgiving you are
79.    How you’re not afraid to be a risk-taker
80.    Your incredible big heart
81.    How you always know what to say and how to say it in any situation
82.    How you always open doors for me, help me with the groceries, and take the garbage out for me
83.    How you always try to scare me and the dogs when we least expect it
84.    The fact that I know you will be one of the most successful men in the world someday because no one deserves it more than you
85.    The amazing way you always seem to be able to read my mind
86.    How we always still say or do the exact same thing at the same time
87.    Your extreme patience with me even when I push it to the limit sometimes
88.    Your charm and charisma
89.    Your wit and wisdom
90.    How you always comfort me or give me a shoulder to cry on when I need it
91.    How I know you’ll always be here for me through good times
 and bad no matter what
92.    The extraordinary amazing things that always happen to us that never happen to anyone else
93.    The fact that I know you are my real true soul mate and we were destined to be together
94.    How awesome you have been to my mom and dad and even my girls and how they all love you so much too
95.    How cute and adorable you can be
96.    Your determination and conviction and how once you set your mind on something that nobody can change it
97.    Your incredible dreams and visions for our future that will come true
98.    How much you know about me now and that you’ve seen both my good sides and bad and that you still love me anyway
99.    How much I know you love your mom/dad and how great of a son you are to them and I admire you for that
100.   Every little single detail about you that makes you who you are and the fact that you are the best boyfriend in the whole world


Bonus Reason

101.   The fact that this list was so easy to write, but also so hard because I had to limit it to just 100 reasons when I can think of at least a million plus reasons why I love you and why I am the luckiest woman in the world. I wanted to write this list for you to give you just a little glimpse of how much love is in my heart for you and how much you mean to me and maybe do something that no one else has ever done for you before.   I love you with all of my heart.



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