A Miracle Story about Adversity Fate and Joy

A Miracle Story about Adversity Fate and Joy

by Colleen Kettenhofen

Miracles happen! Discover how this must-read miracle story can help you with overcoming adversity, following your fate and finding joy. The grief of loss and the healing power of a puppy. The secret: sometimes we get what we need not necessarily what we “think” we want.

Miracles happen. This is a miracle story about what happens when we look for the lesson in every situation. After all, business and personal success is about attitude, overcoming adversity, and successfully managing change as well.

A Miracle Story about Adversity, Fate and Joy
A Miracle Story about Adversity, Fate and Joy

It was Easter, March 31, 2002 and I was on a hiking vacation with my husband in a California desert near where we lived. Our baby daughter, Caroline, was supposed to have been born on this date, but there were complications with the pregnancy and we lost her five months earlier on October 30. Three weeks later in November, we had put my 18 ½-year-old cat, “Baby,” to sleep. Needless to say, with all this adversity we needed a vacation.

It was now late October, 2002, and we were living in Atlanta, Georgia. We’d been contemplating adopting a dog, yet it didn’t seem right with our travel schedules. My husband was an airline pilot, and I was an international speaker. Still, I walked into an animal shelter having convinced myself I would “just look.” In the shelter was a calm, sweet-faced puppy, eight or nine weeks old, who caught my attention. Sensing our chemistry and trust, I did what you’re never supposed to do. I put my hand into her cage. While looking up at me with her big brown eyes, she licked my hand over and over. This innocent puppy was also highly intelligent and obviously knew how to sell herself. After many minutes, I pulled away and forced myself to walk towards the door. Already in love with her, I turned around, and there she was…still looking at me with those eyes.

A new puppy sounded wonderful, except that it didn’t seem to fit into the lifestyle of an airline pilot and international speaker who traveled. And my husband kept telling me how much attention puppies require. Still, my gut feeling was that it was fate. We were supposed to have her. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I was going back to the Peachtree City animal shelter later the next morning to visit.

The next day at a garage sale, two smiling women walked up to me holding a puppy. As I looked more closely, I realized this was the puppy. The same one I’d been thinking of adopting. They placed her in my arms and said, “Would you like to adopt her? She’s from the Peachtree City animal shelter. We can’t have anymore pets, but she had only two hours to live. And we’ve named her Joy because she’s already brought such joy to our lives.”

Joy fit perfectly in my arms as she gazed up at me with those puppy-dog eyes. There was an inexplicable connection and incredible bond. I wanted to talk to my husband first, even though I had a feeling he’d say yes about her this time. They even offered to pet sit her for free.

Later that day, lunching with a friend, she said, “My gosh, Colleen, it’s fate. You’re supposed to have that puppy! Let’s go see Joy tonight.” We drove to their home and as we pulled in the driveway, my friend shrieked, “Oh Colleen, it’s fate, it’s fate!” I had no idea what she was talking about. She pointed to the car in front of us in the driveway, and in huge letters was a bumper sticker that simply read, “FATE.” How many more “signs” did I need?! The family explained to us that night that their son had died unexpectedly a year earlier, that this was his car, his bumper sticker, and that he’d always believed in fate. They believed it was fate that I was supposed to have Joy. This was a miracle story about overcoming adversity, following fate and literally finding joy.

After playing with this happy puppy named Joy, I went home empty-handed that night. I needed to read some inspirational literature, and really think this over. After all, I wanted to make certain this puppy would be with us forever. As I pulled out this little book with its daily word message, I gasped. In big letters, the word of the day was JOY. It was fate! The next day my husband and I brought our bundle of “Joy” home. On Caroline’s anniversary, October 30, 2002, there I was with Joy sitting in my lap riding in the car. And it was the only place she would sit. She refused to be anywhere but my lap.

My ex-husband and I are no longer together. Joy is a healthy 47 lbs, happily living in Portland, Oregon with me and her big cat brother. Pacific Northwest scenery is gorgeous. There’s lots of family history here and many large fenced dog parks. My mother’s cousins love to pet sit Joy since I still travel as a motivational speaker and author. They have a spacious backyard and a wonderful dog of their own.

Miracles happen. The lesson of this miracle story is that eventually, even through adversity, everything has a way of working out. Especially if we will roll with the punches, trust our gut, and follow our fate. Often, we get what we need, not necessarily what we think we want. Joy has literally given me pure joy. She is a miracle of love. A miracle story.




The Burning Bush

The Burning Bush
by Gary Whittaker

Terrorism. The U.S rightly attacked Afghanistan when they refused to give up Bin Laden. For this, I have to trust that the Americans knew what they were doing, since they were involved with setting up Bin Laden and Afghanistan in the first place. That does not, however, give them the right to bite the hand that feeds them.

The Burning Bush
The Burning Bush

It is what happens hereafter that should give us all pause for concern. Many times, causes or wars are pure in their infancy, but grow into new animals. This did not take long, as America turned towards Saddam and started accusing him of aiding and harboring terrorists. The U.S had not even put a serious effort into destroying the Al-Quaida before turning to face a new enemy. Once they created, twice. Saddam was put into pwer by the United States, and backed for decades by the US. They were always aware (and some believe partially responsible) of the crimes they now have charged him with. In essence, King George outright fabricated a reason to go into Iraq and finish the job his father started. Why? Simple. America did not see God after the Gulf War. Oil companies cried foul when they could not broker deals with Iraq and profit from their huge oil reserves. Since the U.S would already be in the middle east, why not kill two birds with one stone? In searching for weapons of mass destruction, the Americans used weapons of mass destruction to slaughter any Iraqis who got in their way.
How could the people let this happen? People are influenced by the media, who in turn are influenced by profit. The Americans provided first-hand coverage of the war as long as the media respected certain conditions about the reports they aired. Among those conditions were that no negative press towards the events can be presented by those reporters. Both the American and British governments worked together to create a climate of fierce propaganda. To oppose the war against Iraq was to spit on the faces of all those who died in 9/11.
To turn against the soldiers today, would be to repeat that same evil against the veterans of Vietnam. The media imposed a subtle form of censorship towards any anti-war stories in order to keep good standing in the eyes for the American and British governments. Most people rely on mainstream coverage to get all their information. The many mainstream are owed by the few of the upper class. Businessmen that stand to lose since Bush would refuse any contracts to be given to any country (and companies) that did not participate in the war.
While most of the Iraqi people seemed happy to be rid of a dictator, their joy quickly changed to apprehension, then anger as the American’s continue to stay and occupy their land. They no longer saw the difference between Saddam’s tactics to stay in power, and the Americans that stormed their city daily, and their temples, rounding up and killing Iraqi’s. The irony here is that in attacking Iraq under the pretense of curbing terror, the Americans have added to the threat. The Al-Quaida have openly contacted rebel groups, as they help them mobilize against the U.S and their new puppet regime. Saddam was a dictator. People like Saddam could never allow an organisation like Al-Quaida to survive in Iraq, as it could pose a threat to his power. With Saddam now removed, the Al-Quaida has more opportunity to plant operatives in Iraq. With more and more Iraqi’s being killed either directly or indirectly as a result of the American intervention, Al-Quaida will also be able to add more members than they could of beforehand.
King George will now have to make his next moves very carefully. If he continues to pursue his middle east agenda, he will easily plunge us all into the next World War. We do not have to sit idly by. The first act would be to get informed. Learn about what is going on. The internet offers a wealth of instant information. Never just trust one source. People cannot help but to taint facts with opinion. Here is a great site that can get you started on other aspects of King George’s own reign of terror.







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Happy Vacuum Holiday

Create a Vacuum Day just might leave you in an empty void. We found no factual information or records about this day. So, we can only speculate to its cause. Date When Celebrated : Always February 4 / Happy Create a Vacuum Holiday


Theory #1: A hard working housewife, frustrated over her vacuuming chores, declared a day to commemorate the chore of vacuuming. The hole in this theory is that the day would likely be simply called “Vacuum Day” or “No Vacuuming Day”. Why include the word “Create” in the title? This led us to……..

Theory #2: A (mad!?) scientist created this day to celebrate the creation of a vacuum during laboratory work. But, isn’t this routine scientific work!? We think so. Therefore, it led us to…………..

Theory#3: Someone desperately in need of a simpler life, conceived this day. They wanted to create a vacuum that would suck all of the daily work, chores and clutter out of their life. If only for one day, they would be freed to enjoy the simple life of leisure. Now, here’s a theory that really makes sense for today!

However you choose to commemorate this day, we hope it’s a good one!


1. As the originators were creating a vacuum in their laboratory, the records were caught up in the void.

2. The originators were vacuuming their home, and the papers were sucked up along with the dust bunnies.

Vacuum Cleaner, types and how they work

The basic principle on which a vacuum cleaner operates is called “suction”. Suction again works on the fundamental concept of pressure. For example, when you sip Coke through a straw, the pressure on the mouth end of the straw is reduced as a result of which the pressure at the inserted end of the straw increases and Coke flows. This is the simplest implementation of a suction mechanism.

The same suction mechanism is what makes a vacuum cleaner work. Only, it is not such a simple implementation of suction mechanism. This article deals with workings of different kinds of vacuum cleaners based on certain principles of physics.

The internal structure of a vacuum cleaner is very simple although it looks a little complicated from the outside. It is made up of six essential components. First is the inlet, the point from where the vacuum cleaner sucks up the debris and dust from your home or office. This end of the vacuum cleaner usually has a host of accessories shaped in various ways to help you clean. Second is the exhaust, a vent built into vacuum cleaner either to jet out the air coming in through the inlet due to suction, or to suck air when you use the vacuum cleaner in the “blow” mode. Third is an electric motor which helps to produce suction. Fourth, is a fan to start and keep the suction mechanism running. Fifth is a porous bag to collect and filter the sucked air of dust and debris that you have collected through the inlet. Last is the housing or the cabinet in which all these components are arranged in an efficient manner to facilitate the efficient usage of the vacuum cleaner. To use the blow mechanism of your vacuum cleaner, the fan has to rotate the other way. Many vacuum cleaners have this feature built in.

As all of us are aware, a vacuum cleaner works on electricity. Once it is plugged and turned on, the electric motor comes on and rotates the fan. The fan has angular blades, made specifically at a certain angle. Once the fan starts running, the blades push the air towards the exhaust outlet. When this process begins the air pressure increases in front of the fan and reduces behind the fan. This drop of pressure creates a suction or partial vacuum. As air always moves from high pressure areas to low pressure areas, the ambient air tries to move into the low pressure area or the partial vacuum, rushing in through the inlet port. As long as the fan is working and the inlet is open, a constant flow of air is created moving in through the inlet and out through the exhaust via the porous bag.

This constant stream of air running through the inlet can be harnessed using various attachments provided by the manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner. By attaching these various kinds of noses with a flexible pipe to the inlet, the vacuum cleaner can be directed to the dust or debris in various nooks and corners of the house or office. Due to the force of the air, dust and debris gets sucked into the vacuum cleaner. This air mixed with dust and debris after entering the vacuum cleaner has to pass through the porous bag which filters out the air but retains the dust and debris. Thus the cleaning operation is completed by accumulating the dust and debris in the porous bag. This bag can later be taken out and cleaned or disposed of after a few uses.

Vacuum cleaners are of various types. The first generation of vacuum cleaners were invented in mid 1800’s which were hand operated. They had bellows through which the suction was created manually. Electric vacuum cleaners came into vogue in early 1900’s but were generally viewed as luxury items for many years.

A very popular version of the electric vacuum cleaners is the central vacuum cleaner. This system has a large fan outside the house or office and has various vents connecting through the walls. A flexible pipe can be attached to any of these vents to clean the area. The dust is collected in a large canister outside the house and can be emptied and cleaned as per convenience, a few times a year.

There is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner available for the purpose of cleaning solids as well as liquids. In these kinds of vacuum cleaners the collection method is a little different, since liquids cannot be stored in porous bags. Usually external buckets are used.

A recent version of the traditional vacuum cleaner is called the cyclone vacuum cleaner. This variation does not have a porous bag collector. It has a maze of spiral pipes through which the air is passed, as a result of which the dust and debris in the air experiences a centrifugal forces and falls away from the air, collecting inside the cylinder.

This is not the end of technology; we would see more innovative designs of the vacuum cleaner that has become a part of every household in the years to come.

Happy Create a Vacuum Holiday


Happy Australia Holiday

Happy Australia Holiday

Australia Day is a national holiday in Australia, celebrating national pride and culture, and an opportunity to recognize and enjoy accomplishments. Many Australians use this day to explore and learn more about their national identity and culture. Date When Celebrated : always January 26th

Happy Australia Holiday
Happy Australia Holiday

A Popular Australian Supercross Rider

When many think of supercross motorcycle racing, a number of names quickly come to mind. Two of those names include Ricky Carmichael and Jeremy McGrath. Unfortunately, this often leaves out of number of other popular and well performing supercross riders. One of those riders includes Chad Reed. Although he may not be as well known as Ricky Carmichael or Jeremy McGrath, he has earned to right to be known as a popular supercross motorcycle rider.

What is unique about Chad Reed, when compared to other professional supercross motorcycle racers, is that he is not American born. Instead, Reed was born in Australia. In fact, that is where he got his start in supercross motorcycle racing. Fortunately, for Chad Reed, supercross motorcycle racing is just as popular in Australia as it is in the United States. After successfully winning the Australian Supercross Championship, Reed made the move to the European Supercross Series.

Not long after his move the European Supercross Series, Chad Reed finally made the move to the United States; a move that he had been dreaming of since his rise in supercross popularity. Once in the United States, Chad Reed joined Team Yamaha. During this time, he was crowned the East Coast Supercross Champion. The East Coast Supercross Championship would not be the only highlight of Chad Reed’s career, in fact, he went on and still continues to rack up the wins.

Although Chad Reed rocketed to superstar status with supercross racing, it hasn’t always been easy sailing. For instance, in 2003, it was anticipated that he would win the championship. This is because he won a large number of races, when compared to the other top competitors. However, Reed was unable to hold off his competitor, Ricky Carmichael. During the last round of the championship, he ended up loosing the championship to this other popular and highly recognized supercross motorcycle racer.

Once again, in 2006, Chad Reed suffered disappointment at the hands of Ricky Carmichael. After suffering a painful shoulder injury, he was unable to race at the best of his ability. Despite this painful injury, he was still able to successfully compete in supercross racing. In fact, he almost won the 2006 championship, but, once again, the championship went to Ricky Carmichael. Although Chad Reed did not win the AMA Supercross Championship as he had intended to do, he did come in a close second. It is reported that he only lost by two points.Reed currently resides in Date City, Florida with his wife. In the off-season, he enjoys participating in water sports, playing blackjack, and golfing. It has been said that he doesn’t necessarily consider supercross motorcycle racing as a job. He enjoys racing because of the sport and it is something that he loves doing everyday of his life.

That online website is the place to go if you are looking for more information on this popular supercross rider. In addition to more information on his personal life, as well as his supercross career, you can also find links to official autographed merchandise. Whether you want a piece of autographed history or just a plain old shirt, you can find what you are looking for online. What better way to look stylish and support your favorite rider at the same time?

Happy Australia Holiday!


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Happy National Buttercrunch Holiday

Happy National Buttercrunch Holiday

Buttercrunch lovers, today is your day. It’s National Buttercrunch Day. Today you can enjoy buttercrunch ice cream, candy, or anything buttercrunch. Happy National Buttercrunch Holiday. Date When celebrated : Always January 20


Spend the day with one of your favorite snacks. Make it your personal goal to have something with buttercrunch at each meal, and as a snack. Tomorrow, you can return to the diet.

Origin of National Buttercrunch Day:
Without a doubt, this day was created by an individual or group that just loves Buttercrunch. Perhaps, they were so busy enjoying their favorite treat, that they failed to document their creation and get the crunchy credit!

There is no evidence to suggest that this is truly a “National” day, which requires an act of congress.


Butter Crunch 2 Ways

Adapted from Candy Recipes & Other Confections by May B. Van Arsdale and Ruth Parrish Casa Emellos.

Author: TheSpicedLife
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: candy
The base of the candy:
1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter
1 cup sugar
1 hefty pinch of salt
1 T light corn syrup*
First Optional Topping
6 oz semi sweet chocolate, chopped (John’s family used chocolate chips; I used plain chocolate)
Approx. 1 cup chopped pecans (I used a tad more)
Second Optional Topping
6 oz good quality milk chocolate, chopped
Approx. 1 cup chopped roasted, salted peanuts (I used a tad more)
Several pinches (to taste) of good quality, coarse sea salt




Happy Thesaurus Holiday

Happy Thesaurus Holiday

Thesaurus Day celebrates the birthday of the author of Roget’s Thesaurus. Peter Roget was born on this day in 1779. Happy Thesaurus Holiday / Date When Celebrated: Always January 18

Happy Thesaurus Holiday
Happy Thesaurus Holiday

The Thesaurus has been an invaluable reference book for hundreds of years. Students and writers use it to improve the quality of their literary work. Do you remember how the book works? After High School, many of us forget. If you have forgotten, you’re in good company.

The Thesaurus lists synonyms (words with the same or similar meaning) for words. It allows you to avoid repetition in writing and speeches. It also lists antonyms…words with opposite meaning.

Enjoy today appreciating the value of the Thesaurus. If you haven’t seen it in a while, take a moment to browse through it.

Origin of Thesaurus Day:
We know that Thesaurus Day was created to honor Peter Roget, the author of Roget’s Thesaurus. We fully expected to find a book company, or the folks at thesaurus.com to claim to be the originators. However, we did not find the originator, or the date of origin for this special day. Perhaps it was one of the millions of people who appreciate the value of this reference book.

A Non-Writer’s Guide to Improving Your Everyday Writing

by Ann Roscopf Allen

At the beginning of every semester I’ve ever taught college writing, at least one student in the class will issue the disclaimer, “I’m a terrible writer.” That student seems to think he or she is incorrigible, hopeless, a lost cause with the written word. The poor kid was probably just the victim of too much red ink from some past English teacher. Almost without fail, I find that that student has a lot of promise as a writer and needs only a little tweaking of his or her writing. Educated people will judge you by how you write, so polishing your writing is worth the effort. Improving your everyday writing requires time, determination, and a forgiving spirit, but anybody can do it.
1. Pay attention. Have you ever bought a car and then suddenly noticed how many other cars just like yours are out on the roads? Plainly stated, you notice what you pay attention to. Good writers pay attention to words, written and spoken. Tune in to the language “wavelength” and discover what you can learn.
2. Surround yourself with words well spoken. Pick out someone you admire whose speech you would like to emulate. Listen to talk radio or watch C-SPAN or other television shows that deal with ideas. But choose your language models carefully. The fact is that we write what we hear in our heads, and what we hear in our heads is what we surround ourselves with.
3. Read, read, read. The best writers are those who have read a lot. Reading almost any kind of prose can help you improve your writing. If you like sports, don’t limit yourself to the box scores: read the sports columnists. Read the editorial pages of major newspapers, or seek out not just the news but the feature articles, especially in Sunday papers. These writers are published not just because they have something to say, but because they say it well. Immerse yourself in good writing.
4. Pull your grammar book off that dusty shelf. If you threw away your last grammar book from school, go buy another one. If you have questions about the correct form of a sentence, use that book to research the problem and the answer. Grammar is not rocket science, so don’t be intimidated by it. As quirky as English can be, a lot of grammar is actually quite logical. You don’t have to memorize everything in the book: just use it when you need it. I’ve found that many writers have only one or two basic grammar issues that they’ve never had explained to them. Figure out what your misunderstandings are, and you’re halfway to their resolution. Ask a knowledgeable friend for help, if you want.
5. Use your dictionary regularly. Don’t depend on spell check. Spell check can be a safety net before you send out a piece of writing to your boss, but train your brain to become your spell checker. Make a list of words you regularly misspell (spell check can tell you what they are). If you hear a word you are unfamiliar with, look it up to see how it is spelled. Become curious about words. This is why a dictionary can be so important: you not only can learn the correct spelling of words, but you can learn how they are used in different contexts. You can even discover a word’s roots, which might help you make sense of its meanings and spelling. Spell check just isn’t enough.
6. Use your thesaurus sparingly. A thesaurus is a great tool for reminding you of words you already know how to use, but if you are unfamiliar with a word or have never heard or read it being used, don’t use it. There is no more obvious giveaway that a person doesn’t have a clue than a person regularly misusing big words. Write to express, not to impress.
7. Keep it simple. Unless you make your living as a novelist or poet, your main purpose in writing is probably to communicate an idea clearly and concisely so that others understand it. Before you send out a memo or letter, write what you mean to say in plain English, as if you were writing it to your best friend. Then read it as if you are the recipient of that memo or letter – did you leave something out that is necessary to understanding your point? Is there a sentence that doesn’t make sense? Reduce your sentences to their simplest possible form, and then add whatever details are necessary to make your meaning clear. This is not a license to be rude – etiquette, common courtesy, and protocol are necessary. But writing your idea for another person to understand doesn’t require unnecessary complexity or ten dollar words.
8. Use the active voice, not the passive voice. “John hit Paul” (active) is a stronger sentence than “Paul was hit by John.” Of course, it depends on whom you want to emphasize, the “hitter” or the “hittee”. Sometimes you may want to be intentionally vague: “Mistakes were made” (but you don’t want to state by whom, or maybe you don’t know). The passive voice is perfectly grammatical; just determine what your intention is and use the active voice whenever possible.
9. Use strong verbs, and its corollary, write in complete sentences. You can make your writing clear by focusing on the action in the sentence. One strong verb carries more punch than a long string of adverbs.
10. Make sure your pronoun references are clear. Will your reader be able to figure out which “she” you mean, Linda or Connie? What is “it” – a plan, an idea, a dog? The antecedent of the pronoun, the word that comes before to which the pronoun refers, needs to be obvious to avoid misunderstanding.
11. Be careful with punctuation. It has been said that punctuation marks are like traffic signals, indicating when you should stop or pause in your reading. Maybe. But more punctuation doesn’t necessarily make your writing any clearer. Here’s where your grammar book can come in handy. Remember that punctuation marks themselves don’t carry any meaning. If your words don’t already describe some strong feeling, an exclamation point isn’t going to help. Overusing exclamation points is unprofessional.
12. Forgive yourself and others. You are going to continue to make mistakes, and so will even the best writers around you. Publishing houses have copy editors for authors who make millions of dollars writing books, because everyone who writes occasionally makes mistakes. It’s just a matter of degree: are your mistakes constant or occasional? So if you write something that you or someone else notices is ungrammatical or misspelled or incomplete, correct it, get over it, but don’t give up on yourself.
You want your first impression to be a good one, whether it be how you look or how you write. Learning to improve your everyday writing is a long term proposition and one that requires work, but if it’s what you really want, it’s worth the time and the effort.




Happy Nothing Holiday

Happy Nothing Holiday

This day is an “un-event”. The expectation is that we do not create or otherwise promote this day. In other words, we do nothing. And, to say anything more would contradict the purpose of this day. Happy Nothing Holiday. Date When Celebrated : Always January 16 th. National Nothing Day is quite simply… a day for nothing.

Happy Nothing Holiday
Happy Nothing Holiday

Celebrate this day by doing….nothing. Of course, that assumes that doing nothing is okay with your boss.

Origin of National Nothing Day:
All we know about this day, is that it was created in 1973 by newspaperman Harold Pullman Coffin.

Other than that, we understandably found nothing about this day.

There is no evidence to suggest that Nothing Day is truly a “national” day, which requires an act of congress.


Nothing Ever Stays The Same

by Graham and Julie

Nothing ever stays the same. On the one hand we despise change yet on the other we don’t want to stagnate and become boring. Yet our habits keep us locked into a course of action day after day, year after year. The way we think, the way we behave, the way we experience things, the way we react to incidents, all are dominated by our habits. They are so strong that most of do not even know what they are. Whatever our habits are they keep us fixed in a particular perspective or behaviour. They stop us reaching our potential.
Our habits are basically involuntary acts we perform unintentionally and without thinking. We just are them. Yes. We are our habits. Whether, you lack confidence, find it difficult to make decisions, always arrive late for an appointment, can’t say no …, feel lonely, feel stupid, think others always know best…… these are all habits. That’s the bad news.
The good news is that you can change. Change is based on choice. Once you realise what your habits are, you have more chance of changing them. It may not be easy. It may be painful, sometimes. But it is also fun and rewarding because you are changing your life. You are opening yourself to see the possibilities of your potential. What you are capable of.
History shows us that there are four key ingredients to successfully change habits:
Reflection, Realisation, Resolve and Sustained Effort.
In other words all you have to do is imagine you are the gardener of your life:
Reflect on the state of your garden.
Realise what are weeds and what are flowers.
Remove the weeds
Replace the weeds with flowers and make a sustained effort to keep the garden clear of weeds you don’t want.
So. What is the largest weed in your garden? Which habit causes you most pain?
What is keeping this weed in place? What stops you from pulling it out?
Look at all the obstacles and think of the best method for eradicating the weed. Remember some weeds do not come out at first pull. They leave a little root behind. Some are better killed off with weed killer rather than a tortuous pull. Look for the best method for your weed.
Now, what flower would you like to plant in its place? What behaviour would you like to put in instead of the habit? You will need something because all of us that have changed habits are aware of the need for a transitory behaviour. A good example is giving up smoking. The transitory behaviour is either: something to do with your hands, instead of holding a cigarette; gum to chew when you would light a cigarette or a sweet to pop into your mouthy when you feel like a cigarette.
So what flower would you like to put in place of your weed?
The next phase is the key to success.
For all gardeners the next phase is the most easy and yet the most difficult. Make a sustained effort to keep the weed out of your garden. This is the key. It is so easy to say I’ve done it and walk away. Sustained effort can also be called zeal and enthusiasm. Be passionate about clearing your weed. Tell others what you are doing. Avoid incidents that would automatically set the weed off. Keep looking at your new flower. Have zeal and enthusiasm for your new flower. Keep focussed on the flower Make a sustained effort to keep the new flower watered and the area around it free from weeds. Nourish it. Fertilise it. Talk to it. Gradually the new flower will blossom and the old weed disappear. Remember: Nothing ever stays the same.
Good Luck
Graham and Julie



Dress Up Your Pet Holiday

Dress Up Your Pet Holiday

Dress Up Your Pet Day gives you the opportunity to …. you guessed it……dress up your pet! Some pets like to get dressed up. Others, want nothing to do with it. This day is an opportunity to really dress up your pet(s). Make something for them to wear. Or, go to a pet store and buy an outfit. It’s winter, so something warm is best. Dress Up Your Pet Holiday Date When Celebrated : Always January 14 th

How To Raise A Goldfish

Dress Up Your Pet Holiday
Dress Up Your Pet Holiday

Did you know that your goldfish can live for over 10 years? Under the right conditions he can live even longer but most never make it past the first year! If you want your goldfish to live long and healthy lives, you’ve got to provide the proper environment.
It’s a common misconception that a goldfish can live in a tiny bowl. In order for him to survive for any length of time, you’ll need to do frequent water changes and cleanings of the bowl – that’s a lot of work and living in a bowl isn’t much fun so it’s best to keep your fish in a regular tank with a proper filtration system.
The size of your tank depends on how many goldfish you want to keep in it. A good rule of thumb is to allocate about 7 gallons of water per fish, so if you want 5 goldfish a 35 gallon tank is recommended. It’s better to keep fish in a long tank that has plenty of surface to air space as goldfish like to have a lot of oxygen in their water. A tall hexagon shaped tank won’t be the best tank for these fish.
Goldfish like their water to be a little on the cool side – between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit so in most cases a heater is not necessary. You should, however have a thermometer in the tank and take the appropriate measures if the temperature gets above 72 degrees as higher temperatures can make your fish more susceptible to disease. Bear in mind that most other tropical fish like their water on the warm side, so you will have to be careful what fish you put in the tank with your goldfish.
Provide the goldfish tank with a filtration system that is appropriate for the size of the tank. If you are keeping the fancy tailed goldfish, don’t use a system that will provide too much current as this can make it difficult for them to swim around. You’ll also want to provide periodic water changes as you should with any tank.
One of the main reasons that fish become sick is due to poor water quality. To keep your goldfish healthy, make sure you provide the filtration and water changes but also be careful about overcrowding and overfeeding. Too many fish or too much decaying food and waste will cause the water in your tank to become toxic to your fish.
Keeping goldfish can be a wonderful hobby and with minimal work, you can get a tank up and keep it running with healthy fish. Sorry, we don’t have any ideas on how to dress up goldfish.

Air Travel Rules: Flying With Pets

When it comes to air travel, a large number of individuals hit the skies daily. People fly for all different reasons. Some individuals need to make a business trip, others are visiting friends or family, others are going on vacation, and some are making a cross country move. If you are moving, there is a good chance that you may need to bring your pet along with you. If this is the case, you will find that you are subject to a whole new set of air travel rules. Before leaving for the airport, with your pet or pets in tow, you are advised to famialrize yourself with those rules.

The first step in traveling, in the air, with a pet is to make sure that they are even allowed. Certain pets are allowed to be on airplanes, but that does not mean that all airlines will allow it. If you are planning on traveling with your pet, you will need to inform your airline of this information upfront. This is vital because not all airlines will allow you to bring a pet onboard. Therefore, if you do not check with your airline before heading to the airport, you may be unable to board your flight.

When traveling with a pet, you will need to keep that pet contained. That means that if you are traveling with an animal, such as a dog or a cat, that animal will likely need to be in a carrier. When purchasing an animal carrier, it is important to know that not all carriers are permitted onboard. If you will be keeping your animal in the cabin with you, as opposed to having your animal treated as checked baggage, you will need to make sure that your pet carrier will not negatively affect other passengers. Your pet carrier must not block aisle ways or encroach on other passenger’s seating spaces. In addition to these general rules and restrictions, you may find that each airline has their own set of pet carrier rules.

Almost all airlines require that your pets have the proper documents before being allowed on their airplanes. These documents most commonly include information on your pet’s health. Most airlines require that your pet undergoes a medical evaluation before being transported by airplane. This information is not only used to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to fly, but is also used to ensure that they are protected with the proper vaccinations. Proper vaccinations will not only protect your pet, but other passengers, as well as airline staff.

Once you have received clearance from the airline, which you wish to fly on, purchased the appropriate pet equipment, and obtained the proper health checks for your pet, you will need to wait until your day of travel. On that day, you may want to arrive at the airport a little bit earlier than recommended. This will help to ensure that you could quickly straighten out a problem, without having to miss your flight, should one arise.

When you and your pet arrive at the airport, whether it be early or not, you will both be required to go through airport security. Your pet will be required to pass through a metal detector, just like everyone else. If you are using a pet carrier, it is also likely that your pet carrier will be subject to examination. This examination most commonly includes being sent though the x-ray machine with your carryon luggage; however, it is important to note that your pet will not have to go through the x-ray machine; the metal detector should be enough.

As previously mentioned, not all airlines allow their passengers to fly with their pets, even in the cabin or below deck. That is why it is advised that you determine whether or not your pet can fly with you, ahead of time. In addition to different air travel rules, you may also find that some airlines charged extra fees for pet passengers. In the event that you are charged, you will be notified of this charge ahead of time.

Dress Up Your Pet Holiday



National Pharmacist Holiday

National Pharmacist Holiday

National Pharmacist Day is honors pharmacists, and recognizes their important role in medical care. A Pharmacist must be knowledgeable of the chemistry of all medicines. They can inform you of a drugs’ side effects, and all aspects of prescription medicine. Very importantly, they understand and recognize the inter-action of drugs together…many people take numerous drugs. National Pharmacist Holiday: Date When Celebrated: Always January 12 th

National Pharmacist Day recognizes this important role. If you are in the pharmacy today, make sure to wish your pharmacist a good day. Gifts and cards are not required.

National Pharmacist Holiday
National Pharmacist Holiday

Pharmacist Day Quiz: What was the first name of Mr. Gower, the pharmacist in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”? See answer below.

Origin of National Pharmacist Day:
You can be sure that National Pharmacists Day was created by a pharmacist group. However, we have yet to discover the group that started it. As we began our research on this day, we fully expected to find one or two national pharmacy groups. To our surprise, we found a couple national groups and many state groups. We did not find a group that claimed to have created this day.

Also, there is no evidence to suggest that this is truly a “National” day, which requires an act of congress.




Your house divorce process

Your house divorce process

Your house divorce process. Divorce – How to rebuild your life – about the house in your name. Usually in a divorce, the couple that is divorcing needs to make the decision about who is going to keep the house. Your house in a divorce that is the question. They need to work this out on their own or make sure that the courts address it. You have to make the decision about what will be done with the property. There are many different options and it is important to make sure that the decision is best for everyone involved.Your house in a divorce

Your house in a divorce
Your house in a divorce

In a divorce it is usually determined what is going to be done with the house. You can either sell it and split the profits between the two people that are getting divorced if they own it, one person can offer to let the other one have it, or the other party will buy out the ex spouse. It will depend on how the divorce is settled to determine this decision. It is always better when things are worked out easily, but sometimes this is not possible and the couple will have to seek the help from an attorney or court system.
If you are the one that is ready to take on the challenge of keeping the home, you will want to make sure of a few things first. You will want to be certain that you can take on the mortgage payments. You will have to decide if this is a payment that you can afford each month. You must make sure that you have thought about your income now that you are divorced and what you will be able to afford.
You will also want to think about the fact if you really do want the house or not. You have to want the house because it is where you want to stay and not just be the winner of the house to spite the other person. You have to get through these feelings and then determine if this is where you want to stay and rebuild your life after the divorce.
Sometimes it is better for the couples to decide if they should sell the house or not. It is important to think about the financial security that you have in time and think about what you can afford to loose and gain in the situation. Do you really want to start your new life over in a house that you once shared with your ex? Is this the house that you grew up in and want to keep it for sentimental value, or do you want to make sure that your children are raised in the home that they know and love? These are a few of things that sometimes people need to think about and have the right answers for when it comes time to decide what to do with the house.

If you are the one to be leaving the house after a divorce, you will want to see how it will affect your credit. If your name is on the mortgage to the house, and your ex spouse does not pay, you will be responsible for the loan and your credit may suffer because of it. The lender wants their money no matter if you are living in the home or not. If you own money on the home it may also make it hard for you to go out and purchase your own home later on because of the outstanding balance on this one.

It will be important for you to either make arrangements with the ex that they are going to be faithful in paying the mortgage or have this documented in the divorce or you may just want to have them get your name off of the mortgage. This may require them to refinance the home in their name only so that you are not longer financially linked to the home. This is something that you will have to think about and make sure that you have everything set before the divorce is final. You want to protect yourself as well as keep things settled and peaceful with your ex. Your house divorce process


Divorce Advice: Getting Divorce Advice From the Right Source

by Karl Augustine

Getting the right type of divorce advice depends on what type of divorce advice you want and what you want to use it for. When looking for advice about divorce, it is smart to clearly define what you are seeking the advice for so you can be sure to look in the right places.

Seems simple enough right? Yes, but…lots of people who are deciding about divorce and seeking divorce advice lump the categories of divorce advice into one, and that’s a big mistake. You should seek divorce advice from different types of places for the different types of advice that you need. Certainly there’s more types of divorce advice categories, but here’s a partial list:

Divorce advice type 1:

Legal advice for getting a divorce when you are sure that you want a divorce, no matter how tough it will be to get that divorce. When asking for this type of divorce advice while meeting with an attorney, you may be asked if you’re certain that you actually do want a divorce…if you do, don’t waver, stick to your decision. It makes sense to have a good idea of all of the parts of your life, family and materials, that could be affected or sought after. You want to have your facts, account names, timelines, etc., in mind when meeting with the attorney so that your discussion is maximized.

Divorce advice type 2:

Legal advice for getting a divorce when you are almost sure that you want a divorce, but want to make sure that the financial considerations are in order or that health of your children won’t suffer in the long run. When asking for this type of divorce advice, you may want to consider seeking the advice of an attorney or financial planner for the financial considerations and a counselor experienced in family matters for the impact that a divorce might have on your children. The point is, split the two concerns up so that you get the chance to speak to 2 different people who specialize in each area so that you will get the appropriate divorce advice.

Divorce advice type 3:

Legal advice for getting a divorce in a case that is relatively simple and will be a clean break, no financial or other family considerations to take into account for the divorce. This is perhaps the easiest type of divorce advice to get because it infers that you have already made the decision from an emotional standpoint and really don’t have any other considerations of deep concern. When seeking this type of divorce advice, you most likely have limited financial considerations, a prenuptial agreement, or the situation itself as amenable to everyone and you just need someone to do the paperwork.

Divorce advice type 4:

Legal and/or counseling advice regarding whether or not divorce is right for you from a psychological, emotional and financial perspective. When asking for this type of divorce advice, you may want to consider seeking the advice of an attorney or financial planner for the financial considerations and a counselor experienced in Clinical Psychology and “personal-life” coaching for the impact that a divorce might have on you. Again, the point is, split the two concerns up so that you get a chance to speak to 2 different people who specialize in each area so that you will get the appropriate divorce advice.
Divorce advice type 5: Counseling for emotional support when deciding whether or not you really want a divorce or are just unhappy in your marriage.


This type of divorce advice is crucial to your happiness because when you’re in an emotional state, it is tough to make lucid and rational decisions. And, if you’re wrestling with deciding whether or not to get a divorce (purely from an emotional perspective), you should do all you can to make a logical decision because how you approach this decision and the affects afterwards can be long lasting and far reaching. If you’re are struggling with finding divorce advice, you may want to talk to friends, counselors, even other family members.

But, my divorce advice to you is, do it yourself. I’m not saying don’t talk with friends, counselors, and possibly family. What I am suggesting is that you reach the final decision of whether to get a divorce on your own, you have to live with it, no one else. The answer is inside you, you just have to get it out in a logical manner.

Whatever type of divorce advice you need, be sure that you’re directing your energies in the right direction. If you don’t separate the emotional aspects from the legal aspects of divorce advice, you might end up confused and unable to get the most out of any meeting you may have with an attorney or marriage counselor. At the end of the day, you should control your own destiny and make a smart decision based on logic, controlled emotion, and forward thinking.